Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just In Case

Happy New Year too all of you. I hope 2009 is smooth sailing and healthy for everyone. Just in case we have that storm tomorrow I wanted to make sure I got my message posted.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Sweet Couple

I just had the sweetest couple in to check out books. She checked out Emma by Jane Austen. He said he doesn't like Jane Austen, she said she'd never read her but, sometimes I like things he doesn't like, I said that's what keeps the spice in a marriage and she smiled and said for 60 years now, we're working on 61. How sweet is that. I couldn't help but smile.

Grandma's Jewelry

Dad gave me my Grandma's jewels yesterday. I was to get them when he died, however, I guess he didn't want to make me wait. I don't know why he chose to give them to me now. I don't think I would have a problem with his wife either. So...I'm not sure what made him change his mind. I am pleased to have them. I was her only granddaughter so that makes them all the more special. And no I don't feel bad that my brother didn't get any of them as he got PopPop's guns. I feel we each got what is important to us. I will treasure them always.

Christmas 2008

Well it's over. We had a wonderful holiday and spent plenty of time with family. It's funny how it takes weeks to get ready for Christmas and it's over so quickly. Now it's on to the New Year. What will it hold? We have some things that are already planned, my nephew's bar mitzvah, a scholarship fund raiser, and some special birthdays, but other then that the year is wide open. I can't wait to see what it brings. What will your new year have in store for you?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Last Post Before Christmas

I love you all and may this Christmas season be your most joyous. Remember to always be kind to one another and it's not the gift that matters it's the love you have in your heart for your family and friends. To all of you who have lost loved ones remember that as long as they are remembered and you hold them close to your heart they are never truly gone. Peace on Earth and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

I've Been Tagged

Here are the rules if you are tagged:1. Link to the person who tagged you.2. Post the rules on your blog.3. Write six random things about yourself.4. Tag sixish people at the end of your post.5. Let each person know he or she has been tagged.6. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Well I do this every Thursday however, it's Jeanne at www.jeannesager.blogspot.com so here it goes.

1. I hate liver and onions.
2. I don't like blinking lights on Christmas trees.
3. I read books Rosamunde Pilcher.
4. I have never been skiing.
5. I have never read anything by Jane Austen yet.
6. I have never seen A Christmas Story.

I'm tagging....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Fun Weekend

Wow did we ever get some snow :) Poor Ray he's been plowing almost all weekend. We got our tree on Sat. morning. It's pretty. Didn't even take me long to pick it out. Then I went to Theresa and Luke's for cookie making. OK I didn't bake anything but, I did help roll the peanut butter cookies. It was great. They are wonderful people and they have a great family and man oh man do they have a tree. I've never seen a tree so wide in my life. Kudos to Luke for finding it and making it look amazing. Then it was off to Teeny and Russell's for a holiday/engagement/birthday party. It was a blast and I found out my brother-in-law doesn't hate my guts. I had a few glasses of wine and plenty to eat. It was a great night. They have a great tree also. I think Teeny said they secured it better this year as it fell over twice last year. She did a beautiful job decorating their log cabin. I wish them many more holiday's together. We did miss seeing George but, Petey was there and he sure had a fun time.
Not reading that much, watching too many holiday movies. Oh well it's almost a new year, plenty of time for reading then.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I like cheesy, sappy holiday movies
2. I can't wait to hear Chelsie play in the concert tonight
3. I like whiteChristmas lights
4. I didn't send Christmas cards this year (or last)
5. I'm still waiting for snow

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cause It's Been Awhile

Jillian was making cookies with her friend Chase.

Back to Normal

Ray's back to work and feeling fine. I finished my Christmas shopping on Sat. with my mom. Now I just have to wrap it all. We're going to pick out the tree on Friday afternoon. Everything is motoring along as it should. Spent most of Sunday watching cheesy holiday movies. I know I should have been wrapping gifts but, I just didn't feel like. I work better under pressure of getting it all done.
Had dinner and a movie on Friday night with some friends. We saw The Secret Life of Bees at the local theater. It was a great movie. Cat and I shed some tears. I haven't read the book yet. I might have been better prepared if I had.
My house smelled like a Christmas tree last night as I was burning my Christmas wreath candle. I love that smell. I think if we ever do an artificial tree I will have to burn that candle. I just need that smell to feel like it's Christmas. I think part of my problem this year is no snow. Snow just makes it more merry. Say it with me Snow, Snow, Snow we need Snow.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still home

Dennis called this morning and told Ray to stay home since it's raining and damp. He does feel better and is tired of being home. He sounds better, he's not coughing as much. One more day of rest can't hurt.
Talked to Vinny last night. Please pray for his Mom she's got some issues with her lungs and things are looking bad. I'm just glad that they are all together and that Mama can be close to her family. I miss them all terribly.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Still Sick

My poor honey is still sick. He's home under the blankets right now. He just can't get warm and he won't go to the drs. He makes me nuts.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Great Aunt Mayme

The last of my grandfathers siblings and their spouses has died. His sister-in-law my Dad's Aunt Mayme died on Dec 5th. she was 101. May she be restored and reunited with her family that has passed before her.
Poor Ray he's battling quite the cold. He was in bed all morning yesterday and stayed home from work today anyone who knows him knows he just doesn't do that. He just keeps coughing and he can't get warm. He won't take anything either. He's one stubborn man. So him and Beau were in bed when I left this morning. So sad. Beau's not sure what's going on he just knows his daddy doesn't feel well.
I've been reading the Victoria Laurie Psychic Eye mysteries. I'm really having fun with them. They are more serious then the average cozy but not much. I really enjoy the characters. I wish I had a friend like Abby.
Kristie, Chelsie and I went shopping on Sat. to the mall. OMG how I hate crowds. I manage to get a few more people done. Chelsie was cracking me up, she forgets she's there to shop for her mom and keeps pointing out things she wants for herself. Kristie is so much fun to shop for, so easy. I know she will just love everything she gets.
It's been hard for me to get into the holiday swing for a few years now. I just don't enjoy the holidays like I used to. Since meds I've been better but, I still don't really enjoy putting up the tree. But since Ray didn't give me a hard time about putting only white lights and ribbon on the tree last year, I think we will put his cars and trucks on this year. We just have so many ornaments that it's hard to not over load the tree. Last year we tried to get a small tree but, some how once it's home it looks really big. That's the problem with cutting your own tree. In the woods it looks small. Still have to have the grave blankets made. Time is just getting away from me this year.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I don't watch Tom Cruise movies
2. Today is a sad day for my Mom's family
3. I like chocolate covered pretzels
4. I have a new gold ring (thanks Alison)
5. I have a new couch (thanks Dad and Janet)

Thanks to our nephew today is a little happier then it usually is. He asked his long time girlfriend to marry him. I'm so happy for them. They are both very sweet people and I wish them many years of happiness.

Tina, I miss you and wish I could see you one more time. It does not get easier to be without you. I think about all the things that have happen in our family since you've been gone and it always feels like something was missing and that's you. I know that people say your never truly gone as long as someone remembers you, in that sense you will never be gone. You are thought about all the time. We talk about you, we laugh and we cry. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I carry your heart with me, I carry it in my heart. Miss you.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Kristie, Chelsie and I went to see Twilight on Sat. night. It was fantastic. I read the book however, I didn't like it enough to read New Moon. I felt the same way about the Harry Potter books until I saw the first movie I didn't want to read the books. I like being able to picture the characters as the actors who play them. Like I said it was fantastic and I can't wait to read New Moon ( no pressure Kristie).
Thanksgiving was wonderful. The dinner was amazing and the company was wonderful. Thanks again Kristie and family for taking in the strays. Hope everyone had a wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone has a great day. Eat and laugh plenty.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Busy Weekend

We went to our great-nephew's baptism on Sat. it was very nice. The only problem was we couldn't understand the priest, he's Vietnamese. Other then that it was great. He's a cutie pie ( my great nephew not the priest). He looked so sweet in his white suit. On Sunday I had Audra's shower. She was surprised. She received many wonderful gifts. Now she has a head start on all the things you need for twin boys. The Janice Center is amazing. Tanya did a beautiful job, her mom would be so proud. I could feel Janice smiling down on us as we celebrated her daughter and her twins.
We didn't end up going out for my birthday. I was so cold by the time I got home from work that I just couldn't get dressed and go back out in it. Ray got pizza and we had a quiet night at home. It was great. I love it when we just hang out together with the dog and cuddle.

Friday, November 21, 2008

100th Post

Went to Kristie's last night as she wanted to give me my birthday present and I wanted to receive it :). It's a beautiful birthstone bracelet. I love it. Ray is taking me to dinner and then we are going to see Bolt at the local theater. Not a big night just a nice night with my honey. It's strange that I was so freaked out about turning 40 and now that I'm 41 it's not a big deal. Mom always says it's just a number, I guess if your 64 and look as great as my Mom you'd think of it that way. I care that I'm getting older,but I didn't dread this year as much as last. It was something about not being in my 30's anymore. Now it's not so bad. At least I'll always be younger than Ray :) .

Thursday, November 20, 2008


Since for oh I don't know how long Kristie has been storing my treadmill. I'm thinking of selling it. Not only to get it out of her way,but to get a little cash also. Let's face it I'm not using it now and I have my recumbent bike which I love. Sit, petal, watch TV bliss. So I'm wondering if any of my readers want to buy it. I will leave it up to you to decide what you might want to spend. I will now tell you a little about it. It's a ProForm space saver treadmill. It has an automatic elevation if your so inclined, get it, inclined. You can either set your own pace or use the programs that are on it. It is a tad noisy as it's not a brand new one. Please don't ask me how old it is I can't remember. I know it works and has plenty of power. Any takers just quote me a price and we'll talk. If you want to see it I'll work it out with Kristie.

Thursday Things

1. I make a mean pork roast (thanks Kristie for the recipe)
2. I turn 41 tomorrow
3. I once deposited (for my Mom) a counterfeit bill (we didn't know of course)
4. I don't like roller coasters
5. I don't like glass elevators

I finished Unseen, I enjoyed it. It was a well plotted out mystery. I will be reading more by this author. I started In the Land of Invisible Women by Qanta Ahmed. It tells of her life in the Kingdom of Saudi as a female doctor in a male oriented country. It's very interesting Ahmed goes from living in America to a totally different way of life. She is struck by how even though she is Muslim that she doesn't quite know the ways.
I saw a former roommate of mine last night. She has moved back to the area with her family. It was great to see her. Hopefully we can get together soon. She looks great and her boys are getting so big. It's good to see her back home. She says she's having a hard time with being back her boys on the other hand are loving it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yesterday I had lunch with Jeanne and Jilly and the most amazing thing happened. We were almost finished with our lunch and this gentleman came to our table and said he paid for our lunch. He said he had been having a rough time and seeing us with Jilly made him happy. We thanked him and I asked Jeanne who he was and she said I don't know. We both were taken by surprise. It just goes to show you there are nice people who just do nice things for no reason except it makes them happy. So Thank You to a really nice man. Hopefully things get better for him. Time to pay it forward I think.


I envy people who have a strong faith. I have always questioned why something happens and how a loving God could let it happen. I have plenty of family that are very serious about their faith. I even have a cousin who preaches sometimes. I wish I could say that I understand this faith they have, however I don't. I can't seem to wrap my mind around it. The news shows I watch and the newspaper always have stories of sorrow and pain. This week it's a little girl who while visiting her grandparents was hit and killed by a bullet that came through the wall of her grandparents trailer. The bullet came from a hunter with a high powered rifle who was hunting near the trailer. My question is what was he doing shooting towards a house. Don't get me wrong I have nothing against hunters, my father, brother and several other family members hunt. That's not what I'm upset about it's what was this guy thinking and where was God. I know that people say it's Gods will and everything happens for a reason. See that's my problem right there. How could a loving and caring God let that happen to a family? This is where people with a strong faith can come out the other side and see that it was meant to be, however I just can't accept that. I want to know why, why did that little girl not get to grow up and why does that family have to suffer. I understand that no one gets out of this life without having to suffer and lose people that they love, I certainly have lost my share and then some. I just don't understand a God that takes a little girl, but lets the most horrible people live to a ripe old age. If I had a strong faith maybe things like this and all of the other suffering going on in the world would be easier to handle. I don't know. Can you explain faith to me?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who's glad Obama Won......

Mulligan that's who. I love this picture of sweet Mulligan. She looks so regal. Thanks to Cat for letting use her picture.

Thursday Things

1. The only bones I've ever broke are my pinkie toes
2. I had chicken pox as an adult (not fun)
3. I have never had heartburn
4. I have never worn stilettos (and I never will)
5. I think my husband eyes are beautiful

I finished The Glass of Time by Michael Cox. It was a very long book that being said I enjoyed it, however I think if I had waited and read it at another time I would have liked it better and it wouldn't have taken me almost all of Oct. and part of Nov to read it. It was a fascinating story of love, loss and how secrets can change the course of your life.

I have just started Unseen by Mari Jungstedt a mystery that takes place on the island of Gotland. So far I like it. It has a totally different atmosphere then the Cox book. I needed to read a book set in modern times after the last one. I enjoy Swedish mysteries. They have some very dark themes, but they also have very good characters and wonderful settings. The first Swedish mysteries I read were by Henning Mankell, it was like I'd found a friend. Now I read a whole host of Swedish authors. Since I read so many book blogs it's frustrating when I find an author and then find they don't have any books published in this country. Some are Swedish, some are Australian and many others. I find mysteries written with a foreign setting to be my favorite. I find them to be very atmospheric. I'll let you know how I get on with Unseen.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Beau My Baby Boy

My MOST favorite person in the whole world!!!

That's my Chelsie. My favorite teenage girl. She's one beautiful young woman.

Wedding Celebration

The wedding celebration was wonderful. I saw family I haven't seen for quite some time. Jess and Bryan looked amazing, so happy.

I was pleased to meet this little guy. Elijah is the newest member of our family. This is my cousin Tasha's little one. He's a cutie. His father and I were having a little fun with him as you can tell :)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Book Lists

Wow I keep forgetting to put my reads down for each month so I will get caught up in one post.

July Books
Murder By Suicide - Veronica Heley
Ladder of Years - Anne Tyler
Blood Detective - Dan Waddell
Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
The Space Between Us - Thrity Umrigar

August Books
Damage Control - J.A. Jance
The Year of Fog - Michelle Richmond ( Audio)
House of Daughters - Sarah Kate Lynch
Dead Ringer - Lisa Scottoline
Moment of Truth - Lisa Scottoline
Everywhere That Mary Went - Lisa Scottoline
In His Sights - Kate Brennan
Enslaved By Ducks - Bob Tarte
Killer Smile - Lisa Scottoline (Audio)
Rough Justice - Lisa Scottoline

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier
The Blue Rose - Anthony Eglin
In the Woods - Tana French
Fractured - Karin Slaughter (Audio)

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society - Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
Borderlands - Brian McGilloway
Murder in the Marais - Cara Black
Groosham Grange - Anthony Horowitz

Well that's all of them now I'm all caught up. Hope there is a nice list for November.

My Parents

Happy Birthday to Mom and Dad. Yes you read that right. My parents were born on the same day, same year. I have called Mom and sang to her. I will call Dad later tonight. Mom and I are having lunch together. Dad asked if Ray and I wanted to join him and Janet for dinner, but we have other things to do tonight. It strange that they are the same age yet Mom looks younger then Dad. Dad smoked for a long time so I guess that might explain some of it. I wish them both a wonderful day filled with happy calls from the family that love them and that they have many, many more years of birthday celebrations.

Thursday Things
1. My parents were born on the same day, same year, same state and went to the same school
2. I love to watch Wifeswap and Trading Spouses (it's like a train wreck I can't look away)
3. I am right handed
4. I drive with my left hand
5. I like to watch Criminal Minds with Kristie (hey by the way Kristie can I borrow season 2)

I am almost finished reading The Glass of Time by Michael Cox. Hopefully now the election is over I can concentrate on reading again. It was so hard to stay away from MSNBC. I gave up on Silent in the Grave. I just need to be in the right frame of mind to read that one. I have taken a couple of mysteries out from the library and hopefully that will get me back on track.

We're going to my beautiful cousin Jessica's wedding celebration on Sat. in PA. I can't wait to see her. I have seen her wedding pictures and she looked so beautiful. She is not only beautiful on the outside, she also has a beautiful spirit. When she smiles she lights up a room. I hope she and Bryan will be very happy and if he knows what's good for him he will take excellent care of her. Hope I don't get in trouble for putting this picture up :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jilly's First (real) Haircut

I just love this picture. She's so beautiful.

Happy, Happy, Happy

I am so glad the election is over. I firmly believe that we can become a better country, a more caring country. I believe there are peaceful ways to handle some situations instead of war. I have hope for the next 4 years. I don't think it will be easy, I think the road ahead is rough and we will have to be patient as 8 years can not be undone in a matter of weeks. It will take years to be the country we once were and earn back respect we once had. I have hope for the first time in 8 years, I have hope.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This is all I have to say today.......VOTE!!!! It's your right and you should exercise it. OK one more thing. OBAMA all the way.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama Sign

Someone stole my Mom's Obama sign. We went and got them on Friday and she put hers out on Saturday and by Sunday morning it was gone. I hope it was just moved to another place and not destroyed. Mine amazingly is still up.
Haven't been reading much. I watch MSNBC at night and end up falling asleep to it. As soon as the election is over I will get back to reading. I just can't seem to concentrate on any book. I don't know why.
Snow here yesterday. We don't have much on the ground at my house, but other areas were hit hard. I love the first snow. I love when it sticks for the first time and looks white, clean and fresh. I love the cold.
I hope everyone has noticed my new ribbon on the sidebar. If you click on it you will go to www.cysticfibrosis.com and there you will find info on CF and also ways that you can help. It's a terrible disease and we need to find a cure.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I only use salt on french fries and broccoli
2. I have never made a pie from scratch
3. I love notebooks
4. I cried when I saw my cousin Jessica's wedding photos
5. I love PG Tips tea

Well I just couldn't do it. I gave up on The Likeness by Tana French. I read 150 pages and still really didn't care about the story so back to the library it went. I don't usually do that I try to read every book I start, however a wise friend of mine told me life's to short to read books you don't like. So now I'm reading The Glass of Time by Michael Cox. What about you do you read every book you start?
So what's every ones plans for Thanksgiving? Mine was to spend it with my Mom, then I found out she was going to my stepbrothers. We have not been invited. So Kristie took pity on us and invited us to their house for Thanksgiving. So sweet of her. Ray of course is fine with turkey sandwiches and staying at home. I think even if we are invited we'll go to Kristie's. It's the point that Miriam never thinks of us as family, never thinks to call and invite us until someone mentions us. Which frankly hurts. As I've already stated in a previous post Richard's children are my family. I love them and they will always be a part of my life. I have always felt Miriam likes to make an issue of the fact there is no blood relation. Likes to throw it in my face. Which is fine I know how they feel and that bond will always be there.
I've been reading up on the election and I can't believe there are people who don't know who they are voting for. That one speech or one news report would sway someone one way or the other. I have been firm on my choice since the beginning and nothing that has been reported or that I've seen has changed my mind, if anything it's strengthened my resolve. Obama , baby Obama. What are your feelings?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I can't watch John McCain ( should just call him blinky)
2. I made real mashed potatoes for the first time Monday night ( I love Betty Crocker)
3. I don't like to cook
4. I have stubby fingers
5. I would love to own a book store

Ray's doing better. He talked to his brother on the phone last night and that always makes him feel better, even if Ray called him an old wash woman. Dennis should be home soon and after a rest back to work. That will make it much better.
I tried to watch the debate last night, however after about 15 mins. I couldn't take McCain's faces and his constant blinking (he might want to get that checked). So I printed off the transcript and I will read it tonight. It won't change my mind about who to vote for, but I would like to know what was said.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Honey

Poor Honey he's having a rough week and I don't know how to help him. He's stressed at work. His color was not good last night when I got home from work. He's pale and just looks overwhelmed. I guess the only way for me to help him is to make a nice meal and get him to relax.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Things

Well we're back and this is the first time I've had to blog about our trip. We had a wonderful time. Liz is an amazing hostess and a wonderful cook (this I gained 5 pounds). We didn't do much except relax and go to Bowling Green a few times. We mostly just hung out with the family and chilled. We did go to a Sorghum Mill run by the Mennonites. That was really interesting. They don't use any electric, they use 6 two horse teams to run the chopper and then a wood oven to melt it down . We tasted the Sorghum it tastes like molasses only lighter. I didn't buy any as I'm not much of a baker. We did buy homemade bread and jelly. We didn't do a whole lot of sightseeing like I said, but we did have a great relaxing time. Ray wants to go back next year. That gives Liz a whole year to get used to Beau coming back:)
On to TT
1. I don't like other peoples vacation videos (pictures are great, videos are bad)
2. I love my king size bed
3. I love McLeod's Daughters
4. I have a new stainless steel sink (didn't cost me anything)
5. I love sausage gravy and biscuits

I didn't read as much as I thought I would so not much to report there. I finished Borderlands. I liked it, I look forward to reading the next one. Then I read Murder in the Marais. That was OK. It was a little hard to follow, however I like the characters and will read more of this series. Now I'm reading Silent in the Grave by Deanna Raybourn. I'm not to far in yet, but I do like the characters. I also finished listen to Fractured by Karin Slaughter. That was good. I haven't read and of her other books, however now I think I will.

Friday, September 26, 2008


We leave tomorrow at 4 am for Kentucky. I will be back on the 6 for work. Hope everyone has a great week and I'll "see" you when I get back.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I'm glad Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash is back (even if it's just for awhile)
2. I have been with my husband 19 years ( married 13)
3. I love when Jilly calls me Aunt Jennifer
4. I don't like driving on interstate highways (too many cars and trucks)
5. I have a fear of tunnels

I finished The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society last night. What a wonderful book. I adore the characters. This is one of the few books that I didn't want to end. I felt like these people were my family, the way they banned together to take of Kit and each other is a lesson to us all. Instead of a normal novel with chapters this book is an exchange of letters. One of the members of the book club contacts Juliet about a book of hers that has come into his possession and so begins a relationship that will take Juliet out of London and to the Guernsey Island and to a new life she never knew she wanted.
I started Borderlands by Brian McGilloway last night. Garda Inspector Benedict Devlin is called to investigate the murder of Angela Cashell whose body was found on the Tyrone-Donegal border, between North and South Ireland. The area is known as the Borderlands. I'm not too far in yet, however I am enjoying the atmosphere of the book. I like Devlin he's a solid hardworking detective.
I haven't decided what books to take with me on vacation yet, however I do know what bag I'll be taking them in. Thanks to Jeanne and Jilly I now have a new tote bag. It's from http://www.durtbagz.com/ mine is Based on a True Story. Check them out they are cool. I love the fact that it has so much room and of course that it's bright orange. As to the books I just can't decide. I know I'll be taking the first of Cara Black books featuring Aimee Leduc, but that's just one book and I know I'll need more than that. Oh well have to go home tonight and make some decisions.
I can't believe we're leaving on Sat. it seems like it's taken forever to get here. Maybe I just really need a vacation. Yeah that must be it. I can't find Beau's harness so I have to buy him a new one. I think this is the third one, we just can't seem to keep track of where they are. I think maybe Beau hides them on us, as he really doesn't enjoy wearing what Kristie calls his bra. Oh well in order for him to be safe for the trip he has to have it so I can hook it to his seat belt.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Thought I'd have to pimp the dog out

I got a explanation of benefits from my insurance company on Monday and was I surprised. It only covered about $2,600 of a $9,000 bill. I was shocked. So this morning I called to have it explained to me. It said I had maxed out my ambulatory surgery benefits. On investigating the statement the woman said it was the hospital that had maxed out the benefits. She said when a provider contracts with them they agree to an amount they will accept as payment. So then I asked if they would be billing me for the balance and she said no, if they do I'm to call them and they will handle it. Whew the dog is safe :) he doesn't have to work hard for the money, so hard for it honey.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Falsely Accused

That's what I was this morning. I was stopped by a State Trooper and she wanted to know why I chose to put my seat belt on after I saw her. I was not happy. I don't drive anywhere without my seat belt on and I told her so. She told me to continue to drive safely and to wear my seat belt. I will admit I don't always wear one in the back, however I always do in the front. When I called Ray to tell him about it he already knew, one of the guys he works with saw me pulled over. Nice.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I love showers, hate baths
2. I love when Beau curls up next to me and sighs
3. I love my unabridged dictionary (Christmas gift from Ray)
4. I'm addicted to reading book blogs
5. I've been keeping a list of all the books I've read since 1998

Well long time no post. We've been having some plumbing problems at our house. First it was the loo and this week it was the tub. Thank goodness Ray is handy at fixing things or this would have cost a small fortune. We talked about it last night and we decided if we have to replace the tub in a few years then we will just install a really nice shower stall instead. Like this http://www.dougstubs.com/Bathroom/____Showers/Stamina_60-I_2167.aspx. I don't care about resale value of the house. We never use our bath except to bathe Beau and we could still do that in a shower.
I finished The Blue Rose. It was good. I think some of it was a little far fetched, however it was still a nice read. I never really thought about how many plants are poisonous. He has others in the English Garden series that I will read.
I'm reading In the Woods by Tana French it's a little wordy and there is plenty of description, however I am liking it. The story of course is dark as it deals with the murder of a young girl, but the story of the detectives is great. I'm taking this one slow as I don't want to miss anything.
I'm eager to find out what happened to Rob Ryan's friends.
I still haven't decided what books to take with me on vacation. I know that since Liz plans to have some jobs for Ray I'll have time to sit on the porch and read. I also have been looking for book shops in the area so I can add to my collection. I'm such a book whore. The only thing about this vacation I don't like is the drive. I wish I could get Ray to change his mind and stop somewhere instead of doing the whole 14 hours in one day. I know him though and he just wants to drive and get there. I'll just have to sleep.

Monday, September 8, 2008

McLeod's Daughters

I started The Blue Rose over the weekend and so far so good. Unfortunately I was watching the 4 series of McLeod's Daughters. So not much reading got done. I love this series. It takes place in South Australia and it's got an amazing cast and wonderful scenery. I watched the first 3 series on We and then they told us they wouldn't be airing it anymore. Talk about heart broken. Now thankfully we have them in the library system and I'm a happy girl.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I don't like coffee
2. I like to swim, however I don't (me in a bathing suit NOT)
3. I'm not good with punctuation (anyone who reads my blog already knows this)
4. I love shoes, however I only wear about 3 pair
5. I like the word however lately instead of but

Well I'm almost finished with Rebecca. I would have never thought that Maxim killed Rebecca. I did think she was too good to be true. I find the book so far very sad, how could Maxim have lived with such a woman, I do understand wanting her out of his life. I was very surprised that the bullet hole was not found. I guess the sea can do nasty things to a body, however if this was CSI they would know that she was murdered.
Ray's poor garden is no more. The deer have finally eaten everything that's left. He was not a happy man last night. I think next year we will be putting up a fence. My stepfather did that and he didn't have any problem with deer. Oh well I guess you learn by trial and error. Next year will be better.
I'm looking forward to the fall weather. I love the cool mornings and sitting on the deck with my cup of tea. I know that there is plenty of warm weather left as it's been so hot these past couple of days. The trees in our backyard are already starting to turn. Must have been that cold snap we had in the mornings.
Watched the season premiere of Bones last night. It was not as good as I would have liked. I hated that Angela and Hogde broke up. I mean in the first half they would have done anything for one another and then BAM they are breaking up. I guess I felt that was a little strange. The murder part was good and I love the way Brennan and Booth play off of each other. I love September and the all the season premieres. I can't wait to see the opener to Grey's. I want to see what's in store for Mere this season. I bet heart break.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well surgery went fine. The recovery nurse told me I have to see my regular dr. since my blood pressure was high. Funny I called the dr. and asked if he wanted to see me and I didn't get a call back. I guess that means no. I haven't had any problems with it before and as I'm on meds that have to be checked every 3 months I guess it was just the stress of the surgery.
I got plenty of reading done over the weekend (between sleeping that is). I finished a few Lisa Scottoline books and now I'm reading Rebecca. I know I started it years ago, however it never really made a big impression on me so I laid it aside. Well I'm enjoying it now. It's amazing how easy it is to get lost in a book that was written so long ago. It's not a happy story and I and probably everyone else can't stand Mrs. Danvers. She makes me very uneasy. After Rebecca I plan on reading Daphne by Justine Picardie. It's a novel about Daphne du Maurier. I'm looking forward to it.
Ray fixed both our toilets last night he's such a good man. I love being married to a man that can fix just about anything. He's my mechanic, plumber, veggie grower, lawn mower, furniture mover, and just about anything else I could ask for. He's a treasure. He was so sweet while I was recouping from my surgery. He brought me dinner and ice cream. He made sure I didn't do anything but rest. He was a great help to me. Thanks honey.
Chelsie went back to school today. I hope she has a great day and that they don't pile on the homework to badly this week. I'll call her tonight to see how her day went.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I don't know my blood type
2. I can't drive a standard transmission vehicle
3. I throw up when I'm scared
4. I don't bugs
5. I sunburn easily

Well Kristie and I talked about the concert and decided that I would probably not enjoy myself so...she sold our tickets. No Journey for me. I'm kinda glad as I think I will just want to sleep and recoup this weekend. I'm still very nervous and as it draws nearer it gets worse. Not to mention one of my friends told me his wife had the same procedure and they didn't give her enough sedation and she was in pain. Why, oh why would he tell me that. He knows I'm nervous on a normal basis. So I have a call into the nurse at Dr. B's office. Robin just called and they will be using general anesthesia. I will be out out she said. Thank goodness for that. I was not happy this morning.
Went with Kristie, Chelsie and Merrily to see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 last night. It was good. It wasn't as sad as the first one. The girl are in college this time. I don't know if they will be making another one. I guess they will see how well this one does and decide from there.
We had cheese cake for Nora's last week with us. I think she was surprised. Nora has been a great help this summer as our Library Page. She has a great way with the patrons and certainly knows her way around a computer and she made me cupcakes. I love Nora and will miss her when she returns to school. Hopefully she will make a point of coming in and seeing us.
Ta for now.

Monday, August 25, 2008


I admit it I'm starting to get nervous about my surgical procedure on Friday. I've had 3 dreams about not waking from the anesthesia. I have never had dreams like this before surgery. I'm hoping it's just nerves and not a death omen.
I finished Enslaved by Ducks by Bob Tarte for book club. I liked it. I don't think I'll ever own pet bird I'm just not into them. It might have something to do with all the noise and pooh.
Hoping I feel fine for the concert Sat. night. It's now just Kristie and me. I can't wait. I've also never sat in the lawn before. I might have to dance from my chair. I hope I can dance a little on my feet. I'll have to see how I feel. I'm not looking forward to the walk I can tell you that.
Ray and I are starting to plan our vacation to Kentucky. Hopefully we will have good driving weather. I'm going to ask Kristie to check on the house while we're gone. We've never taken Beau on a car trip this long before. It's a 14 hour trip by car. I don't know if Ray plans on stopping or if he wants to drive straight through, knowing him we won't stop. Well pee breaks but, that's about all.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Jonas Brothers

Chelsie had a great time at the concert. I will admit those boys put on a great show. The crowd was amazing, during one song they asked for everyone with a cell phone or glow sticks to hold them up it was an amazing sight. I'm sure this will be a night that we all remember fondly. I'll miss Kristie and Chelsie they left this morning for a mini girl vacation. I bet they are both dragging butt this morning. We didn't get home until about 1. Oh well as Ray says plenty of time to sleep when I'm dead. Next concert Journey. Can't wait.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday Things/Maroon 5

1. Jilly is my homegirl
2. I don't know any Jonas Brothers songs
3. I am a book whore
4. I bite my nails (finger not toe)
5. I like chopped liver

The concert was amazing. Maroon 5 was my favorite. I didn't know a lot of the Counting Crows songs. It was very loud, but Jeanne tells me Rascal Flatts was louder. I can't imagine how loud it will be tonight for the Jonas Brothers. There was one woman who was definitely missing her pole. She was dancing to the music like she was going to start striping any minute, it was funny as hell. Then when we left there was a gentleman who must have been told they wouldn't serve him anymore and he was really unhappy. He was making some very nasty comments as to what he was going to do. I was sorry there wasn't a cop around. It was a very fun night. I enjoyed hanging with Jonathan. We didn't get to sit with Jeanne until the middle of Counting Crows. She was working taking pictures for the paper. They were great. They are dedicating all there shows to Isaac Hayes. They had one of his songs playing before they came out and then a picture of him and the years of his life. It was very touching. We didn't even get home that late I was in bed by 12:30.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maroon 5

Going to the Maroon 5 concert tonight. Last concert I went to was the Goo Goo Dolls. Then tomorrow I'm going with Kristie and Chelsie to the Jonas Brothers. Very busy week.
Melissa is being "paroled" on Thursday. I'm so happy for her. It's been a long 4 weeks for her family. Now she can rest up for her cruise.
Trying something new I'm reading a non-fiction book at the same time as a fiction book. I usually don't read 2 books at one time, but I figured given that they are very different books it might work. Moment of Truth by Lisa Scottoline and In His Sights by Kate Brennan. In His Sights is a book about being stalked and how she lives her life under the constant attention of a former lover. She's written the book under an assumed name. As far as I can tell she's still to this day being stalked by this man. Makes you wonder.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pictures from NYC

This is Robert Crais signing my book and he was nice enough to take a picture with me.

This is at Manhattan Portage the flag ship store.
Thanks to Cat for the pictures it was a wonderful time.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I don't like cooked peas
2. I'm a purse whore
3. I have a quick temper
4. I feel naked if I'm not wearing my watch
5. I tend to hold grudges (working on this)

Not much going on. I spoke to Melissa on the phone last night and she is feeling better. She won't be coming home until next week. Hopefully this next week will find her feeling much better.
Ray's tomatoes are doing well. He also has zucchini for the whole town. I think next year he shouldn't plant so much. The broccoli is started to grow again. I'm still waiting for the potatoes. The potatoes have a ways to go yet. I'm glad it's doing well, he put so much time into it.

Here's my very sad July reading list:
Murder By Suicice - Veronica Heley
Ladder of Years -Anne Tyler
The Blood Detective - Dan Waddell
The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini
The Space Between Us - Thrity Umrigar

I liked them all. I really enjoyed The Space Between Us I just didn't care for the ending. So many questions left. I liked the Kite Runner, but it left me sad. Hopefully I will get my butt in gear and read more this month. I have yet to start the book club book Enslaved by Ducks. I was a little resistant to the book at first but, now that I have it I'm looking forward to reading it.

Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm having my surgery on August 29. Hopefully this will take care of the problem. It's a simple same day surgery so poor Ray has to take the day off of work. Hopefully I will feel well enough to attend the Journey concert on the 30th. I'm relieved that he's going to do it and I'm also a little nervous. I know it's a routine surgery that they do all the time, but still.
I finished Damage Control by J.A. Jance over the weekend. It was good, but sad. There was so much tragedy. I'm reading House of Daughters by Sarah-Kate Lynch and Hiroshima. I like House of Daughters. Lynch explains all about making champagne. The sisters are totally different and are not getting along very well, I'm sure that will change soon. They will have to resolve their problems soon as they have to make a profit. Lynch also wrote Blessed are the Cheese makers, but I haven't read that one yet.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Things + Slacker

Been slacken lately on blogging. All the tests I had on Friday were fine. They didn't find anything. So now I'm looking at an ablation. So I have an appt. to see my Dr. and set that up. Other then that I haven't been up to much. Watching some TV and reading. Boring stuff. I will have pictures to post when Cat gets back from her trip. I must say the book signing was great, but finally meeting Melissa was the best. We talked on the phone last night and it was great fun. I'm even doing a little research project for her. I hope she's feeling better and home with her family soon.
On to Thursday Things

1. I like to drink ice water from a straw
2. I truly believe some people come into our lives when we need them most
3. I could eat pasta every day
4. I wish for one more day with Tina
5. I love my Mom's meatloaf

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Things

1. On Tuesday I went on my first train (into NYC)
2. On Tuesday I rode in my first cab (yikes)
3. I have 3 Manhattan Portage bags
4. I had my picture taken with author Robert Crais (thanks Cat)
5. I have a new great nephew George Patrick born July 18th (he is one handsome baby)

I had a wonderful time in the city on Tuesday. The train ride was fun and even going under ground from NJ to NYC was not that bad. I finally met Melissa. She is great. We had a nice visit. We both were a little emotional. I'm glad she's feeling better and hope all the treatments they're doing for her work and she can go on her cruise feeling great and sassy. The book signing was awesome. Robert Crais is very generous with his time and he's a hoot. Cat took 3 pictures of us. I can't wait to put them up here. He is one handsome guy. Melissa called me a geek as I was so excited to see him. Oh well I'm a book geek I can't help it. We were a little nervous about making the train to Secaucus but, we were fine. It was great to meet Cat sister, she's a rip. All in all it was a great day.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Pole Dancing

This is my Mom. What was she drinking, I mean thinking?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I like pickled eggs
2. I'm friends with my husband's ex-girlfriend (Melissa)
3. I'm not religious
4. I swear like a trucker and my mom hates it
5. I say aluminium instead of aluminum (it just sounds cooler)

I finished Blood Detective. It was a good mystery. The way the author wove the past and the present murders together was original.
Family reunion starts tomorrow. Some of the family is already here. I don't think we'll get as many people as we usually do with the price of gas. I was surprised that Uncle Bob and his crew came from Rochester, but they always come early and stay a little later. Can't wait to see Mark and Maureen it's been awhile.
Melissa's going into the hospital. Her head cold turned into much more then she can handle at home. Hopefully her stay at Hotel St. Vincent's will help her feel much better and get her home to her family. She will be only 6 mins away from where we'll be for the book signing. I'm going to see if we have time to stop in and see her. I haven't talked to Cat about it yet.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Beer Pong

I never knew Beer Pong could be so fun. I also had an amazing partner, thanks Scott, we won 3 rounds. We had a great time at Nick's graduation party. Food was great and the company was better.
I'm still reading The Blood Detective. I watched the first 2 DVD's of the Closer and then watched The Brave One. I should have been reading, but I just wanted to watch DVD's with the fan on. I also had a sore throat yesterday.
Didn't have to go for Jury Duty today (knocks wood). I have to keep checking all week. Hopefully they won't need me. The thought of driving out to Monticello in the summer makes me crazy. Too much traffic for me.
Beau is not jumping the way he usually does, so I told Ray no more hay field. He's getting to be too old to run around like that. I had to put the hassock next to the bed this morning so he could get on it and lay down. I don't like seeing him in pain like that. It just breaks my heart. Oh well a couple of days rest and he'll be as good as new.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I don't like liver
2. I love frosting
3. I'm terrified of needles (tiniest veins in veinville)
4. I used to smoke (young and dumb)
5. I love vodka and 7up

Nothing special going on. I finished Murder by Suicide by Veronica Heley and Ladder of Years by Anne Tyler. Both were good. I ordered the next book in the Ellie Quicke series (Heley) from the library. I'm reading The Blood Detective by Dan Waddel. I like it so far. There are not many books I don't like. I find something in most of them that made them worth reading.
Dr's appt. was a little scary. Dr. B was wonderful as always. I have some more testing to do and then we'll know more. So for now I just wait to have the tests done and not read about these tests online anymore. Too scary. Poor Jeanne had to pull me off the ledge I was so nervous. She was really good at calming my fears. She's the best. Cat was great too. They really are great friends. I can always count on them to make me feel better.
I have to call about Jury Duty next week, hopefully they won't need me. I have a high number so that's always good. I heard the best time to get called is in the summer as there isn't too much going on. We'll see. Ray got a Jury questionnaire my Mom did too. Aren't we the lucky ones.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Wednesday

Let's celebrate with a picture of Jilly.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Because I needed something to make me smile.
This was Jilly playing in her pool at her birthday party.

Thursday Things

This is the Peter Galbert rocker I own.

1. I'm going to my first book signing July 22nd. (Cat, you rock thanks for the invite)
2. I own a Brock Lady original painting (He's amazing)
3. I am flat footed
4. I have over 10 afghans ( I love blankets)
5. I'm 4'11"1/2 (Ray's 5'9" I like my men tall)

Those of you who would like to see some of Brock's work can go to http://www.brocklady.com/ he's great. His art is unique and thought provoking. He has been featured in our local newspaper. Check him out.
I also own a Peter Galbert original combback rocker to see his work please go to http://www.petergalbertchairmaker.com/ . I love my rocker. He's a truly talented chair maker and artist.
My friend Cat and I are going to the Robert Crais book signing in NYC. I am so excited. I think we will be taking the train which I have never done before. I lead such a sheltered life. I hope to take pictures, I have an old Canon Snappy so maybe I'll ask Kristie to borrow hers. We'll be having dinner after at one of Cat's favorite places to eat. I can't wait.
Have a great 4th everyone. Hope you all have some wonderful things planned.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

June Books

The Time Traveler's Wife - Audry Niffenegger
Twilight - Stephanie Meyer
Vineyard Chill - Philip R. Craig
Dirty Blonde - Lisa Scottoline
Sacrifice - S.J. Bolton
Garden Spells - Sarah Addison Allen
The Sugar Queen - Sarah Addison Allen
Mind's Eye - Hakan Nesser
The Beach House - Jane Green

Not to bad. I really enjoyed them all. I especially liked Garden Spells. Mind's Eye was a bit dark, but then all the Swedish mysteries I read are. The Beach House is a fine bit of chicklit. I started The Chemistry of Death last night but, it's just not grabbing me so I put it aside. I think Murder By Suicide will be a better fit right now.
I finally made a gyno appt. it's been 2 years since I've been to Dr. B's or any gyno. I got in fairly quick, Monday at 2:15. Usually you have to wait. I love Dr. B. and don't like going to anyone else.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Sweet Arlene

Well it's been 19 years since I've seen you smile, heard you laugh, joked with you. I miss you. I can't believe all the things that have happen since your life was taken. I wish I could say it's gotten easier, but really it hasn't. I still think about you and all the good times we shared. All that time on the phone talking about boys. clothes, and all the stuff teenagers talk about. I know that even though we can't see you, I know you were there for all of the special moments in our lives. I know you were there when Charlene, Maureen, and I got married. I know you were there when Logan and Ayden were born. I know you were. I don't know how, but I know. I will never forget you. I miss you Arlene.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I would go to work in PJ's if I could
2. I lost my only Grandfather in 1984, I miss him everyday
3. I'm a momma's girl
4. I don't remember my mom's mother ( I wish I did)
5. I have hazel eyes

I have been very lax about taking my crazy pills lately. I don't know why. Sometimes I forget other times I just can't be bothered. I know Jeanne they can't help if you don't take them. I just don't know that they are helping anymore. I feel sad and I don't know if it's from that or the deaths that have occurred lately. It's like I can't get a handle on anything. I know I go into a kind of funk when Ray starts to hay. I enjoy it for awhile then I just get lonely without him. I rely on Kristie a lot when I get lonely, I feel sometimes that I'm a little bit of a burden. Kristie and Chelsie have plenty to do without having to babysit me. I think I need to make another appt. with the Dr. and see what he thinks. Maybe I am perimenopausal wouldn't that just suck. Oh well guess I'll have to bite and go to Dr. B.
No bear this morning I think he stayed away because it was raining.
I finished The Sugar Queen last night. I was very surprised at the ending. No spoilers here, I now know why Della Lee was in the closet. I liked it but, I still favor Garden Spells. I started Mind's Eye by Hakan Nesser. I have read his first 2. This is actually the first book in the Inspector Van Veeteren series so I'm reading the first one as a third book. Strange. I don't know why they do that. It would be helpful for them to translate books from the beginning of a series. I started Sail by James Patterson last night but, I didn't really enjoy the first couple of chapters. I either like his books or I don't no middle ground.
I hate the DMV that's all I'm saying about that.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I saw one this morning in the back yard. I followed him from window to window. He was quite small and looked like he might have been tagged. Beau slept through the whole sighting. Well I'll be thinking twice before I let him loose tonight.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Sunday was the unveiling of Bev's headstone. Thankfully Brian was standing next to me, he just put his arm around me and held tight. It's still so hard to believe she's gone. Ruthann gave me two of Beverly's things. One is a dome with dried flowers and a butterfly. The other is a cross stitch Bev did. I'm so touched that she thought of me. I put the dome in the living room so I can look at it everyday. The cross stitch is hanging in my den/library. Until we meet again, happy directing Bev.
Finished Sacrifice and Garden Spells this weekend. I started The Sugar Queen on the way home from Scarsdale. I didn't get that far as the road was very bumpy. I really enjoyed Sacrifice. It was a very well written mystery. I enjoyed the strength of the characters and I loved the scenery. Garden Spells was a totally different type of book for me. It deals with the mystic and a little magic. I enjoyed it. I loved how almost everyone in town had a special magical talent. I loved Evanelle. She just has to give people things they will need. She never knows what these things will be for. Both books I would highly recommend. Thanks to Cat for her turning me on to Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our Story: September 24, 1989

How I met my honey. My friend Maureen's mom was moving and she asked if I wanted to help. I think she just wanted to get me out of the house as I was upset because our friend Arlene's 21 birthday was that past Friday. She had been killed by her ex-boyfriend that past June and I had spent most of the weekend crying. So Maureen decided I needed to get out. So off to her moms I went. Little did I know that trip to her house was about to change my life. I arrived and their were 2 men there to help with the move, Ray and his friend John. Maureen did the introductions and then we did some moving. Maureen thought I might like John while her mom thought I might be more interested in Ray, mom won. When we had moved all the stuff we could, we went to Ray's brothers and there I was given my very first ride on a 4-wheeler. I told him I wouldn't get on it and he picked me up and put me on. I really didn't have a choice. Heck I was so scared Ray's niece Jess passed us and she was only 4. From Mel's we went bar hopping (I know not smart) on the 4-wheelers. You should have seen his face when we got to the bar and he asked me what I was drinking and I said Kahlua and milk (he later got me hooked on Vodka and 7up). I guess he was used to beer drinking girls. So he pulled out his wallet and spent a fair amount of money on me, I told him I would pay but, he said no. When it got late we went to Ray's house and warmed up a bit he asked me if I was cold and I said yes, he said my mom has hot water, I said so does mine. That my friends was his pickup line. We still laugh about it today. Then they took me home (my mom had my car). Well the goodnight kiss lasted for quite awhile. Ray told me to meet him at his house after work the next night and I figured he would never remember since we'd all had plenty to drink ( I know again not smart). So I made Maureen go with me and sure enough he remembered and the rest as they say is history. We hit a little snag after a year when he broke my heart into tiny little pieces, but then he missed me, what can I say once he had me he couldn't live without me. We got back together and have never looked back. Not the most romantic story but, it's ours. What I find out that night was Ray is a sweet, funny and caring man who I would come to love with all my heart.

Thursday Things:
1. My favorite pen is the old Bic stick (blue)
2. I read my first dirty book in 5th grade (The Boys in the Mail Room)
3. I collect bookmarks
4. I'm addicted to Flair
5. I think macaroni and cheese is the perfect food

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feeding Children

Picture of Jilly, cause I can

So Mom and I are having lunch last week and of course in comes a family with a child. Grandma, Mom, Dad and Jr. sit down and order lunch. Jr. doesn't want to give up whatever hand held game he's playing so when lunch arrives Mom feeds him. No problem you say well he was, wait for it, 7 or 8. Yes you read that right. She was twirling his spaghetti feeding him and the whole time he never once put down the game. Now let me tell you that would have never happened at my house with my Mom. Heck she even made me finish eating bologna that I chewed for over 2 hours at least. She never let me spit it out. We took the kids home, she gave me a bath, and as I was going to bed I finally swallowed it. Stubborn much. Ah childhood what fond memories. So needless to say I was just beside myself. I mean if a child of that age is not made to feed himself, or be told that there is a time and a place for games then what are his parents teaching him. NOTHING. Since children are our future, I for one am scared.
Lost at Mexican Train Dominoes last night. I won 7 games and still lost, damn those dominoes.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Jillian

I love this baby girl. She's the reason I can smile on my worst days. I thank Jeanne for giving me such a sweet, beautiful girl to hang out with, spoil and then go home. I love you both.

What a Weekend

I went with Teeny to the shower. It was a long day. Nicole's great aunt Gloria was a pisser. She said all shower's are boring unless your the one opening gifts. She was bored after 4 gifts, went out to have a cigarette and then didn't come back in. She's 84 I think she's earned the right not to stay if she doesn't want to. We got caught in the nasty storm in Fishkill. I tell you what Teeny's a great driver. I started to feel sick about the bridge and it didn't let up. I felt like I had to throw up. I had a nasty headache too. When we got to Teeny and Russell's I just got in my car and left. Little did I know Ray was across the street at his brother's. Teeny told him I wasn't feeling well and when he got home I was in bed. I got out of bed when he got home and asked if he wanted me to make him something to eat,but that little sweetie said just go back to bed I'll figure something out. I felt better in the morning. Guess I should get those headaches checked out if they keep making me nauseous.
Sunday was blissful. I slept in ,did laundry and read all day. I did start watching the Other Boleyn Girl. I will finish it tonight. Ray and I went to dinner at the Stone Arch with John, Mike, Linda, Hunter, and Harley. We had a nice night. Then it was off to my mom's so Ray could fix her weed eater. Scott came up and had a beer with Ray and they looked over the garden. It's doing really well.
I finished Dirty Blonde. Nice surprise ending. Started Sacrifice. I'm loving it. It takes place on the Shetland Islands. It's very atmospheric. I would love to visit Scotland some day.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

And Yet More Pictures

Me and my honey (I like this picture just not my chin)
Ray and his Mom

Sisters-in-law Robin, Pattie, and me


Me and James Hunter
Kristie and Jilly @ the Christmas parade.

James played this weekend in Roscoe, but I didn't make the show. His music is great. Check him out.
Pictures taken by Jeanne Sager. Check her out too.


Poor Tuckey we went to see him last night as he had to go back to the vet for some more quills to be removed. He looks so sad. He was happy to see us, but not his normal self. Kristie emailed and said he's better this morning.
We had a quiet night. I made Ray the potatoes he likes on the grill and then we went to see Tucker. Kristie gave Ray the oreo cheese cake she made him. He loved it. He does love him some oreo's. We watched a movie at least part of it as Ray fell asleep. It was a nice relaxing night at home.
Almost finished with Dirty Blonde. It's a quick read. Then I have to see what else in my pile of TBR I want to go to. I don't think it will be New Moon. I don't think I'm ready for that one yet. I did take out some books from the library and one of them is just sitting there egging me on to read it. It's Sacrifice by S.J. Bolton. I know Cat read my own books. I just can't, the darn library just has so many good ones.
Ray's garden is doing well. The tomatoes are starting to come in as well as the cucumbers. He's so proud. He even has pumpkins coming in. I don't know how the potatoes are doing as they are under the hay. My wheel barrow planter is doing OK. The rain and wind on Tuesday didn't help much. I checked and watered them last night so hopefully they will start to grow nice again.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Big Thank You

To the amazing Jeanne Sager. Who lets me use her pictures for my blog. Thank you sweets. Love you.

Happy Birthday Handsome

Steven, Ray and Nicole Picture by Jeanne Sager

A very Happy Birthday to my honey. He's 43 today. He said he didn't want to go out so I'm making steak on the grill. I love you honey have a great day.
We lost power last night at 8:45 pm. It came back on around 6:30am. NYSEG must have been working their tails off last night. I got caught right outside of Hortonville. Sheets of rain, wind. blowing debris. Not a fun ride home.
Finished Vineyard Chill last night and started Dirty Blonde. I have a camp light that I use whenever the lights go out. It's nice to read in bed by that light. It feels all cozy. Vineyard Chill was a great book. No cliffhanger ending, just a fade into the sunset so to speak. I will miss reading Philip R. Craig's books. He was a great mystery author. RIP Mr. Craig.
Much cooler today thank goodness. We had the windows open this morning to let the cool breeze in. This is much more tolerable then that blasted heat. Hopefully it stays this way for awhile.
I have Nicole's shower this weekend, need to call Teeny and see if she is going. Maybe I can hitch a ride with her. I don't know what to get for the baby so I think I'll just give them money. I know that's the easy way out, but I don't really like shopping for babies. So with the money they can get whatever they want.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Monday Drama

Well I got home from work Monday night to a message on my answering machine from my friend and neighbor that her dog had gotten loose and found a porcupine. I made a few phone calls to see if my nephew and Ray could help. Russell asked me to find out how bad it was, when I saw Tucker I knew he'd have to see the vet. So to the vet we went. He had to stay overnight and is home resting now. He has pain killers and antibiotics. Hopefully he won't be playing with porcupines anymore.
Working the late shift tonight. We're under a tornado watch until 6pm. With any luck we won't get any tornadoes. I know we're suppose to get some serious thunderstorms, but then the heat is suppose to break. Thank goodness for that my poor dogger is just hating this heat.
Almost done with Vineyard Chill. I think I'll read Dirty Blonde next. We got a book order today and man are there some good books in that pile. That's what makes it so hard to read my own book, those book orders come and I just have to read the new stuff.

Monday, June 9, 2008

May Books

The House at Riverton - Kate Morton
Missing - Karen
Free For All - Don Borchert
Shattered Dreams - Irene Spencer (CD)
Murder at the Alter - Veronica Heley

Such a sad little list. I really must get my arse in gear and start reading more.

Heat, Heat Go Away

I'm so not happy in this weather. Just breathing makes me sweat. Thankfully we have AC at the library.
Jilly's party was fun. The kids had a great time playing in the pool and Jilly got some great loot. It was so nice to see Amy. I miss her so much. I sat in the shade and still managed to get a sunburn on my arms. Oh well must remember sun block next time.
Tractor parade. Where to start. Well I got there just in time to see Ray on Mike's tractor. I stayed for a little while then I just couldn't take the heat anymore. Judging from the line of tractors I'd say this was the biggest year ever. Ray's tractor made it through the parade,but had to be towed home. Then the rains came. I was home and didn't get caught in it, but I hear some of the guys did. All in all I think everyone had a good time. More sunburn now on my neck too. I hate this weather. I'm such an autumn girl.
So sad about George. He was a good kid. I hope they throw the book at the idiot who hit him. It's not even safe to walk home anymore. There were 3 accidents in the area this weekend. 3 deaths. It just so sad.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Potrait of Beau

I had this done by a friend for Ray's 39th birthday.
Here's the link. http://www.cynthialeequinn.com/portraits.html the upper left is our baby. Cynthia is amazing. I love her work. She did such a good job with Beau that I cried when I saw it. I know I'm a sap.


That's what this weekend is bringing us in the Northeast. I personally hate the heat. I like dry, crisp weather. Oh well can't change mother nature.
My wheel barrow planter is all done. Ray brought it home and set it up for me last night. I put burgundy color petunias in. I hope they will fill out nicely. I've asked Jeanne to come and take some pictures for my blog. She won't let me pay her :( I mean really how do you make money as a photographer if you don't charge for pictures. Whatever she's a stubborn German:) love you Jeanne :P
Shopping with Mom after work. Have to browse the toy section and see what Miss Jilly might like. Jeanne won't give me any ideas so I'll have to wing it.
Watched Charlotte Gray last night. It was great. Now I want to read the book. Who knew.
Reading Vineyard Chill by the late Philip R. Craig. It's the last book he wrote before he died last year. This one is so far very good. His series was always fun and entertaining he will be missed.
My eye is fine. Whatever was there is gone. I'm almost sure it was a Beau hair. He's just a shedding beagle this time of year. He was down by the road last night and brought home part of deer leg, yuck, so when Ray got home he took it away from him not a happy pup. Too bad so sad. He then just came in the house and laid on the couch pouting. He's such a baby. It's a good think we love him so much. He has cost us a pretty penny over the years. The most costly was the Tibial Plateau Leveling $3,000.00 boy we really love that dog :) Hopefully he starts to get that he's not a young pup anymore. He just turned 9. I swore sometime Ray loves that dog more than me :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday Things

1. I was married with 2 wedding bands (one with diamonds, one gold)
2. I still can't believe Ray picked me
3. I love pistachios
4. My brother got the good hair ( his dark and wavy,mine mouse brown and straight)
5. I love British comedy

Finished Twilight last night. I was racing for the end and then it ended. Don't you hate that. I don't know that I liked the ending. I guess I figured Edward would have changed Bella. She so desperately wants to be like him. I haven't started New Moon yet. I'm taking Cat's advice and letting the first on sink in. I think I just need a break from all the teenage angst.
Strange thing this morning I woke up and my left eye was all red and hurt. No it's not pink eye. I think maybe a Beau hair got in there and just irritated it all night. So I laid back down and when I woke up again it was 9 oops. I have to be to work at 9, my bad. The eye is a little better, it's not red anymore, but it still hurts. If it's not better I'll have to flush it out when I get home.
Mike gave me an old wheel barrow with wooden handles for my flowers last night. Ray's picking it up on the way home. Going to Away after work and look to see what I want to put in it. I don't do to badly with flowers outside probably since nature waters them when I forget. Our bleeding heart we planted for Ray's late sister is not doing well this year. Ray thinks the deer have been eating it. The irises are coming in nicely. I miss the smell of the lilacs. Our tree in the back was beautiful this year.
Ray planted the rest of the potatoes he bought. We didn't even have to water last night since it rained. His tomatoes are doing well.
Crap forgot to take my meds this morning. Note to self remember to take crazy pills or else. Sorry Jeanne stealing you term for the pills:)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Aunt Cindy

My aunt just got her biopsy back and she does not have breast cancer. Thank goodness for that. I'm so happy for her. Love you Aunt Cindy.


OMG I'm reading as fast as I can. Cat you are so right, it's speeding along. I can't believe this has sat on my shelf unread for so long. I will be devastated if anything happens to Edward. I don't know enough about Jacob right now to care about him. OMG that's all I can say.
Ray planted the potatoes last night. I watered everything before he came home. He's been working on his tedder. He plans on going to Kathy's this weekend.
Tractor parade is Sunday. Ray's driving one of Mike's this year. I might make it down after my hair appt. I'll have to try, Ray was disappointed that I wouldn't be there. He's so silly, like I've never seen him on a tractor before:P
Sat out on the back deck last night and the bugs had a feast. I must have the sweetest skin the bugs just love me. Ray never has a problem he says it's because he smells like oil and gas from his job. I have been using one of those bug off bracelets. It's OK. I just hate getting those yucky sprays all over me. I could use the wipes, but I don't like the way they smell.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Time Traveler's Wife

Finished it last night. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I wrote some notes to take with me to the book club meeting. Over all it was an interesting read. It did take me some time to get into it. We'll see what the others thought of it.

DR.s office

Wow what a time I had at the dr.s. I had to wait which is not unusual for that office so I always bring a book. While I'm reading this little girl about 2 1/2 comes over to the grandma type lady sitting next to me and puts her hands on this ladies lap and zooms her face in and starts to giggle. The grandma of course thinks this is cute. Then lo and behold the little girl then does the same thing to me. I continue reading my book and not look at her figuring she will leave me alone when she gets no reaction. The father just stands on the other side of the waiting room yelling her name. Oh no don't bother coming over and getting her, just stand there. So I looked at her and kind of smiled and she went away. First of all it's a DOCTOR"S office with potentially sick people in it. Second not everyone thinks your off spring is cute. Please keep a tighter rein on your kid. I'm not asking much I didn't even roll my eyes while she screamed I thought I was being fairly good. So next time keep your kid with you. Thanks.
Weekend was laid back. Went shopping with Mom on Sat. Sunday Ray took me out for breakfast and to Tractor Supply. Then he went to move hay equipment and I read for the rest of the afternoon. Except for the nap I took to try and get rid of my headache. Didn't work so I took some Tylenol.
Ray put some more veggies in last night. He roto tilled the lawn to make way for the potatoes. He's just a little farmer boy this spring. Like I said before I hope something grows or he'll be very upset.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost OMG

I don't even know what to say. Pen and Des together again nice. Want to know what Sawyer said to Kate before he jumped. Jin OMG that's one way to make Sun bitter. Locke is dead now and he's going by a different name. All to much.
Bought honey his seed potatoes last night. He was so happy you would have thought I gave him gold. I think he's going to Agway to buy some more. I also found that tapey stuff for Beau. I made sure it was on good and we'll see how it is tonight.
Have to go to the Dr. in Liberty. Can't just call in a script no have to get that money from the ins. company. It's not like I asked for my meds. It's just a simple rash on my back I get every year and what's the big deal. I hate driving out there. Oh well at least this way I don't have to go out again in the summer.
The patron with a chip on her shoulder is here. She thinks everyone is against her because she's black. Not true. I could care less about the color of someones skin. We all bleed the same color. We are all just people. Yet she has the ability to make me very nervous. I hate that. Note to self work on that.
No big plans for the weekend just reading and hanging out. I love a weekend that has no plans.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Things

You know the drill.

1. I have a scar on my right ear and my left (same surgery many years apart)
2. I don't like black licorice.
3. I love spaghetti o's with sliced franks.
4. Turning 40 also turned off my mouths editing ability(ok so I didn't have a lot to start with)

Ray brought home my swing for the back deck last night. Bliss. I love reading out there. I started the Time Travelers Wife. I was surprised at how quickly I became involved with the story as it's not the type of book I'm used to reading. It is hard to keep up with the time traveling aspect. So I'm just going with the flow.
Season finale of Lost tonight. Hopefully some answers. Ben comes out alive as seen in this seasons episodes. I don't know what to expect, but I really hope Sawyer isn't dead. I really like him. What was that whole business with Claire being with Jack's dad well her dad too we just found out.? How the heck do you move an island?
Beau didn't do well with the sock on his paw. Dr. Norris told us that was an easy way to keep him from scratching his neck. He just pulled it off even after I put a rubber band around it don't worry it wasn't' tight. Tracey told me of some bandage stuff for horses that might work. I'm stopping at Agway tonight and see what they have. Hopefully we can get this sorted out. I don't want him to get an infection. He was fairly good at staying by the house last night except when Ray went down to Donna's to check on her mower. I just can't get Ray to tie him up. He is so resistant to it. He likes him to have his freedom, but I want him off the road and out of danger. 9 years we never had a problem with the road. Where we lived before was much closer and he didn't even think about it. Silly puppy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Criminal Minds

OMG how could they end it that way. Is Elle dead? If Kristie doesn't have the 2nd season I will have to go and read the rest of the episode. The library system isn't allowing it out so I'm SOL.
Nothing holding me back from my reading now. I read quite a bit last night as all the shows I like are repeats. I never really get into new ones anymore. When the new season rolls around I decide what might be worth watching. I haven't really added any new ones to my list of faves over the last couple of years. Mainly my list is Grey's, Boston Legal, Lost, Bones, CSI, NCIS, Housewives, House, Tudors, Dexter, Torchwood. All but Lost are done until Sept. Dexter should be starting up soon. I don't get to see CSI much since it's on at the same time as Grey's a girl has to have her McDreamy:)
Ray started another raised planter last night, in between going and getting Beau. He keeps going to the road and the dead deer. Well now he's stuck in the house. Ray said he got tired of finding him. We have to get him a longer lead and then he can roam a little farther. I left him cone less yesterday and he didn't bother his tail at all. He can be a good boy when he wants to.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Mom and I went to get wine on Sat. and I ended up getting the big bottle. It was cheaper. I didn't even mess with a wine glass went straight for a water glass :P I guess it's just what the dr. ordered cause it went down nice. I could get used to that at night.

Sunday was tough on Ray. He misses Betty. He grew very attached to her over the past 15 years. She was his Ma.

Vinny's last night for Mama's birthday 83 years young. We had fun. It's always nice to see them. I love Margaret she's so good for Vin. She's still working the night shift at the hospital. She's a trooper I don't know if I'd drive from Rock Valley to Harris to go to work.

Watched Criminal Minds almost all weekend. Didn't get much reading done. I'm a bad girl. I don't like that much TV, but when something gets me I'm hooked. I just can't seem to get enough of this show. Well now that most of the season finals have run I'm in good shape for the summer. Only Lost then I'm free.

I can't believe it's almost June. Ray's b-day is coming. We have a busy month coming up. We have the tractor parade, Jilly's b-day, Jeanne's b-day, Nicole's baby shower, get the camper ready for Vinny's mom- in- law, and of course cut and color. I don't know if I'm going to the tractor parade as I'm having my cut and color done that morning. I'll have to see how I feel after. Sometimes I like the parade and sometimes not. Ray's driving one of Mike's this year. His are used for haying. I like when he takes his MT out, but it will be in the field already. Soon I become a hay widow:(
Holy crap listen to that rain. Guess we don't have to water the garden tonight.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial weekend here I come

I'm going to really enjoy having monday off. We had a great time at Russell's last night. Teeny and I finished a bottle of wine together. Ray had to drive home since I don't drink much anymore. There was something going on around the hospital when we were going home. I have since found out that a girl ran off into the woods and the police and firemen were looking for her. I hope they found her it was cold last night.
Not much else except have a great weekend and Cat I hope your feeling better soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Things

And away we go....

1. I love the Chieftains and Irish music
2. My favorite gem is the sapphire
3. I hate shirts and dresses
4. I don't like being called Jen or Jenny
5. I've never ridden on the subway

Not much going on. Going to our nephews for dinner tonight. More work on the bulldozer. I just received my invite to my nephews wife's baby shower. I can't believe he's going to be a daddy. He is so excited. It will be nice to finally have one of the "greats" here for us to get to know. We have a great nephew and niece in Washington state. I have never met my great niece. I have seen pictures. I have pictures of Ray with Andrew and they both have a Buddha belly :)

We have family coming to my moms for Memorial weekend. I can't say I'm overly excited about seeing one of them. I am going over on Friday night to see Brenda I love her. She's having it so rough. I haven't seen her in a while so it will be nice to catch up. As for the other one not so much. When I'm around the other as I will call her I get pissed very easily. I know that I should just let her crap roll off my back but, I can't. She is so mean sometimes. I just can't deal with her. Well I'm not going to let her ruin my weekend. Might be going shopping with Jeanne and Jilly on Sat. Don't have any firm plans yet. Sunday is the thing at Bill and Cathy's for Betty. Hopefully everyone mines their manners if not I won't be staying. I don't even want to know what's going on I just want everyone to calm down and do what's right. That being take care of John and make sure he has what he needs anything else is just crap. The most important thing is to get on the same page with his care and not be worried about who said what to who or what happened when. Sorry Jeanne I know it's none of my business, but that's how I feel. People loose sight of the whole picture when feelings get hurt and I'm sure there are plenty of hurt feelings there always is in these situations. I think sitting down together and talking not shouting would be a good start. But like I said it's none of my business, but that's what I think.
Beau was worrying his tail yesterday while we were at work so he's a cone head boy today. Boy was he unhappy he was shooting us the stink eye. Oh well if he wants that tail to heal he has to have the e collar on. Ray's worried because he hasn't pooped yet, but he like that after he's been knocked out for a procedure. Poor Ray he just loves his baby boy and hates to see him uncomfortable. He had to help him on the bed this morning since the collar makes it hard for him. It was the cutest thing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet Anniversary

We had a very sweet day. I took Beau to the vet and then did some shopping. I stopped to give Ray a snack and see him for a bit. Dennis sang to me and wished us a happy day. My mom and dad both gave us the same card. I was laughing as they don't see eye to eye on anything, but I think Janet pick out the card for dad. We went to dinner at the Western and Joe was so nice. He was happy to see us and we in turn we're more then happy to see him and enjoy his restaurant. He had his license suspended so we both had soda. I was just happy to be back in to our place for dinner. The food as always was great. When we got home we just sat and watched NCIS together and cuddled Beau. He was sleeping after his very tiring day.
On to Beau. Well my baby is fine no arthritis and his hips and knees are fine. He has wait for it a broken big toe. Amazing only my dog would have a broken toe. So it cost me $399 to find out they can't do anything and that it has to heal on its own. They gave him some shots and did some other minor things to him, but other then the toe and his tail having a teenage acne condition he's fine. I'm very happy that he is fine, but really $399 I was blown away. I told him when they brought him out he better start taking better care of himself : )
Ray's meeting our nephew at his mom's tonight to do some outside work for her. See I only get one night and then he's gadding about. He cracks me up. He's so tired after work and he still goes and goes. He's like the energizer bunny :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Beau & Other Things

Well Beau goes in for his xrays tomorrow. I'm not as nervous as I was the last time. Last time it was to see if he had a tumor. This time just to check his back and his hind legs. Hopefully it's just arthritis and he can just be on some meds. Ray's going to drop him off in the morning and I'll pick him up all dopey in the pm. Then its off to dinner for our anniversary. 13 years married 18 years together. It's amazing how the time goes by. It hasn't always been easy we've been through some tough stuff together, but we've come out better for it. There were things I didn't think I'd make it though and Ray was there. His hugs make me feel like nothing can hurt me. I love his smile. I love when he holds my hand. I love to snuggle with him and watch TV. I love his hair thick and soft. I love that he thinks I'm beautiful not matter what I look like. I love his gentle way with Beau. I love that he wants to protect me from everything even though he can't. I love his eyes. I love his commitment to his job. I love when he calls me babe. I love the whole package. 13 years...I can't wait to see what the next 50 bring.

Went to see Michael and Linda this weekend at the camper. I hadn't seen the new one. It's a beauty. Lots of room. Met some of Michael's friends from Lumberland what a crazy bunch of guys. Linda wants us to bring our camper for a weekend, but I don't really like to go anymore. We were spoiled by Mel having all that property and being able to leave the camper and let Beau run loose. I guess when we lived in the trailer I was just happy to go somewhere else now that we have the house I don't want to leave. I love my little house. It's just the right size for us. I have a room for my books, and Ray has the garage downstairs. We have a great backyard and wonderful neighbors. It's a very peaceful area. I don't even mind that all the walls are paneling (well sometimes I mind). We have 3.1 acres to ourselves and it's heaven. I especially love the bow window. The fact that we have a family house is great also. We bought Rays late grandfather house from his father and his siblings. We got a great deal. We had to do a little work to it, but nothing major. It's electric heat, but we were given a wood burning furnace when we moved in so we don't even have to worry about it. We are planning on putting in oil heat, but with the price of oil now we're going to wait. Ray loves the wood fire, we have a swing seat in front of it and he likes to sit there with Beau. I call him my little pyro:)
Haven't started the book club book yet. I'm reading Innocent Traitor right now. A story about Lady Jane Grey who was a great niece of King Henry VIII. It's quick reading so I should be getting to the book club book soon.