Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Credit cards

No more for me. I'm done. I've paid them off with a small loan from the bank and even cut up the cards :) Meg thought that was funny.
Ray's moving hay tonight so I'm alone for dinner. Sounds like a good night for spaghetti o's with little franks. I know it's not good for me, but tough. Vinnie was going to help Ray, but he has to go out of town so now it's just Ray. Poor honey. He has 2 loads to deliver. One in Briscoe and the other on Viaduct Rd. Hopefully he doesn't get out of work too late.
Have to go the Callicoon branch to vote on the budget. Then home to read and eat. I'm hungry tonight. Probably because I only had cake all day :)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


One of our patrons from the Jeff Adult home says I look like Velma from Scooby Doo. I guess with the glass I do. Never thought about it. Well at least Velma was the smart one :)
Ray come home and we were actually able to have dinner together. So nice. We even watched some TV before he went to sleep. Usually he's watching TV through his eyelids. He's been so tired from the longer hours at work. My man works too hard and doesn't know how to relax. Dinner at Little Russell's on Thursday. He needs Ray's help with the bulldozer.
Laurie showed me prom pictures from Sat. night. Ryan and Kayla looked great together. They won for cutiest couple. Kayla looked beautiful in her yellow dress.
Told Ray about the bone marrow donor reg. last night. He was not happy with me. He doesn't think I should do it. He's worried that if I am ever called I could get an infection or sick from the donation. I told him if it helped save someone wasn't it worth the risk. He said no. If it was someone he knew he would do it, but not for just anyone. I guess he has his reasons, but like he said last night it's your body you do what you want. I really didn't think he'd be upset by it. You were right Cat he flipped out alittle. Oh well I have to do what I think is right. I've thought it through and I have to get tested. I have thought about what he said and I told him if the time ever comes that I'm called then I have the choice to say no. I honestly didn't think he's mind. After almost 19 years he still surprises me.
Mom called yesterday while I was at work. She's having a good time. She was just checking in before her class started to remind me to get the egg market for Richard. She also said she bought me Godiva chocolates :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy weekend

Tired from a busy weekend. Cut and color with Tracey on Sat. I had a blast talking to her and being pampered. Kristie's after to chat then we all went out to dinner. We had a great time. Volunteer brunch at Hill's Sun. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Great place to meet and have a little library fun. Jeanne's after brunch to talk and play with Jilly. She was so much fun. She can make me happy on my worst day. Come home and find Ray's hosting a little saw mill party. My brother-in-law , nephew and girlfriend, Stauch family, Charlie and Jessie, Mike and Jeffrey. Quite the group. We all chatted and after everyone left Scott and Ray went and got pizza and wings. Busy, but great weekend.
Ray and Russell finally got the gutters at Pat's done on Sun. I think it's all finished now. Her porch is done the lights are done and now the gutters. Hopefully she can enjoy the porch now. Have to get her some candles for the bugs since they're so bad this year.
Mom is off at town clown school. She left on Sun. morning and will be home Wed. I miss her terribly when she gone. She called last night to let me know they arrived safely. I might call her tonight and hope to catch her in. These meetings are always busy for her and I usually have to wait for her to call me.
Western has reopened. I think as a community we needed to see those lights on and people in there. Joe needed it too. When we came through on Sat. night it was busy. It's nice to see the town rally around Joe and Lee.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bone Marrow donation

I'm going on May 15 to be put on the bone marrow donor reg. I'm nervous, but talking to Cat has helped. She researched and found out what they do if you happen to be a match. That eased my mind. I just hope someone who goes to either of the drives in Jeff or Liberty will be a match for Regina. She's a special lady.

I've done it again. Another of the computers at work has crashed. I turned it on and it says it can't find an operating system !!!fu**nhuh!!! when I shut it down last night it had one. The last one that crashed was the circ terminal in Jeff. Hope this doesn't come out of my pay :)

Ray's getting his hay equipment ready this weekend. It will take him about 2 weeks to grease and fix anything that needs fixin'. Then in May I become a hay widow. So sad ,I eat all my dinners alone. Thank goodness for Kristie, she and Chelsie take pity on me and hang out with me so I'm not so lonely. Don't get me wrong I like time to myself to read and watch movies my honey would never watch, but it's still sad. I miss him alot this time of year. It's starts with spring when everybody and their brother needs their mowers tuned up, he's already working most days until 7. He's tired and then comes home and still has plenty of his own things to do. Last night he was changing tires on the pickup until 9. He needs to remember he's not a young pup anymore. He'll be 43 in June for petes sake, while that's not old he certainly has never been kind to his body. He is learning to rest alittle, but not like he should.

Golden Compass tonight with Cat hopefully. If your reading this Cat no pressure:)

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I saw 2 eagles on the way to work this morning. I usually don't get that lucky. They were soaring back towards N'burg. They were beautiful.

For Cat

I started The House at Riverton last night. So far I like it. It starts in 1999 at a nursing home. Grace is asked to remember her years at Riverton as a housemaid in the 20's and all the happenings there by a young film maker. I'm taking this one slowly as it's not your normal quick read. I so love that era in a book. It's also set in England which is also one of my loves. So far I'm loving it. More to come.....

Thursday, April 17, 2008

March books

Rebel Angels - Libba Bray
Scorpia - Anthony Horowitz
Ark Angel - Anthony Horowitz
The Killer's Wife - Bill Floyd
Rescuing Sprite - Mark R. Levin
Raven's Gate - Anthony Horowitz
Friend of the Devil - Peter Robinson
Curse of the Spellmans - Lisa Lutz

Not many this month. I really enjoyed Rescuing Sprite. Most of the others were YA fiction. I seem to enjoy that once in awhile.