Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost OMG

I don't even know what to say. Pen and Des together again nice. Want to know what Sawyer said to Kate before he jumped. Jin OMG that's one way to make Sun bitter. Locke is dead now and he's going by a different name. All to much.
Bought honey his seed potatoes last night. He was so happy you would have thought I gave him gold. I think he's going to Agway to buy some more. I also found that tapey stuff for Beau. I made sure it was on good and we'll see how it is tonight.
Have to go to the Dr. in Liberty. Can't just call in a script no have to get that money from the ins. company. It's not like I asked for my meds. It's just a simple rash on my back I get every year and what's the big deal. I hate driving out there. Oh well at least this way I don't have to go out again in the summer.
The patron with a chip on her shoulder is here. She thinks everyone is against her because she's black. Not true. I could care less about the color of someones skin. We all bleed the same color. We are all just people. Yet she has the ability to make me very nervous. I hate that. Note to self work on that.
No big plans for the weekend just reading and hanging out. I love a weekend that has no plans.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Things

You know the drill.

1. I have a scar on my right ear and my left (same surgery many years apart)
2. I don't like black licorice.
3. I love spaghetti o's with sliced franks.
4. Turning 40 also turned off my mouths editing ability(ok so I didn't have a lot to start with)

Ray brought home my swing for the back deck last night. Bliss. I love reading out there. I started the Time Travelers Wife. I was surprised at how quickly I became involved with the story as it's not the type of book I'm used to reading. It is hard to keep up with the time traveling aspect. So I'm just going with the flow.
Season finale of Lost tonight. Hopefully some answers. Ben comes out alive as seen in this seasons episodes. I don't know what to expect, but I really hope Sawyer isn't dead. I really like him. What was that whole business with Claire being with Jack's dad well her dad too we just found out.? How the heck do you move an island?
Beau didn't do well with the sock on his paw. Dr. Norris told us that was an easy way to keep him from scratching his neck. He just pulled it off even after I put a rubber band around it don't worry it wasn't' tight. Tracey told me of some bandage stuff for horses that might work. I'm stopping at Agway tonight and see what they have. Hopefully we can get this sorted out. I don't want him to get an infection. He was fairly good at staying by the house last night except when Ray went down to Donna's to check on her mower. I just can't get Ray to tie him up. He is so resistant to it. He likes him to have his freedom, but I want him off the road and out of danger. 9 years we never had a problem with the road. Where we lived before was much closer and he didn't even think about it. Silly puppy.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Criminal Minds

OMG how could they end it that way. Is Elle dead? If Kristie doesn't have the 2nd season I will have to go and read the rest of the episode. The library system isn't allowing it out so I'm SOL.
Nothing holding me back from my reading now. I read quite a bit last night as all the shows I like are repeats. I never really get into new ones anymore. When the new season rolls around I decide what might be worth watching. I haven't really added any new ones to my list of faves over the last couple of years. Mainly my list is Grey's, Boston Legal, Lost, Bones, CSI, NCIS, Housewives, House, Tudors, Dexter, Torchwood. All but Lost are done until Sept. Dexter should be starting up soon. I don't get to see CSI much since it's on at the same time as Grey's a girl has to have her McDreamy:)
Ray started another raised planter last night, in between going and getting Beau. He keeps going to the road and the dead deer. Well now he's stuck in the house. Ray said he got tired of finding him. We have to get him a longer lead and then he can roam a little farther. I left him cone less yesterday and he didn't bother his tail at all. He can be a good boy when he wants to.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Mom and I went to get wine on Sat. and I ended up getting the big bottle. It was cheaper. I didn't even mess with a wine glass went straight for a water glass :P I guess it's just what the dr. ordered cause it went down nice. I could get used to that at night.

Sunday was tough on Ray. He misses Betty. He grew very attached to her over the past 15 years. She was his Ma.

Vinny's last night for Mama's birthday 83 years young. We had fun. It's always nice to see them. I love Margaret she's so good for Vin. She's still working the night shift at the hospital. She's a trooper I don't know if I'd drive from Rock Valley to Harris to go to work.

Watched Criminal Minds almost all weekend. Didn't get much reading done. I'm a bad girl. I don't like that much TV, but when something gets me I'm hooked. I just can't seem to get enough of this show. Well now that most of the season finals have run I'm in good shape for the summer. Only Lost then I'm free.

I can't believe it's almost June. Ray's b-day is coming. We have a busy month coming up. We have the tractor parade, Jilly's b-day, Jeanne's b-day, Nicole's baby shower, get the camper ready for Vinny's mom- in- law, and of course cut and color. I don't know if I'm going to the tractor parade as I'm having my cut and color done that morning. I'll have to see how I feel after. Sometimes I like the parade and sometimes not. Ray's driving one of Mike's this year. His are used for haying. I like when he takes his MT out, but it will be in the field already. Soon I become a hay widow:(
Holy crap listen to that rain. Guess we don't have to water the garden tonight.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Memorial weekend here I come

I'm going to really enjoy having monday off. We had a great time at Russell's last night. Teeny and I finished a bottle of wine together. Ray had to drive home since I don't drink much anymore. There was something going on around the hospital when we were going home. I have since found out that a girl ran off into the woods and the police and firemen were looking for her. I hope they found her it was cold last night.
Not much else except have a great weekend and Cat I hope your feeling better soon.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Thursday Things

And away we go....

1. I love the Chieftains and Irish music
2. My favorite gem is the sapphire
3. I hate shirts and dresses
4. I don't like being called Jen or Jenny
5. I've never ridden on the subway

Not much going on. Going to our nephews for dinner tonight. More work on the bulldozer. I just received my invite to my nephews wife's baby shower. I can't believe he's going to be a daddy. He is so excited. It will be nice to finally have one of the "greats" here for us to get to know. We have a great nephew and niece in Washington state. I have never met my great niece. I have seen pictures. I have pictures of Ray with Andrew and they both have a Buddha belly :)

We have family coming to my moms for Memorial weekend. I can't say I'm overly excited about seeing one of them. I am going over on Friday night to see Brenda I love her. She's having it so rough. I haven't seen her in a while so it will be nice to catch up. As for the other one not so much. When I'm around the other as I will call her I get pissed very easily. I know that I should just let her crap roll off my back but, I can't. She is so mean sometimes. I just can't deal with her. Well I'm not going to let her ruin my weekend. Might be going shopping with Jeanne and Jilly on Sat. Don't have any firm plans yet. Sunday is the thing at Bill and Cathy's for Betty. Hopefully everyone mines their manners if not I won't be staying. I don't even want to know what's going on I just want everyone to calm down and do what's right. That being take care of John and make sure he has what he needs anything else is just crap. The most important thing is to get on the same page with his care and not be worried about who said what to who or what happened when. Sorry Jeanne I know it's none of my business, but that's how I feel. People loose sight of the whole picture when feelings get hurt and I'm sure there are plenty of hurt feelings there always is in these situations. I think sitting down together and talking not shouting would be a good start. But like I said it's none of my business, but that's what I think.
Beau was worrying his tail yesterday while we were at work so he's a cone head boy today. Boy was he unhappy he was shooting us the stink eye. Oh well if he wants that tail to heal he has to have the e collar on. Ray's worried because he hasn't pooped yet, but he like that after he's been knocked out for a procedure. Poor Ray he just loves his baby boy and hates to see him uncomfortable. He had to help him on the bed this morning since the collar makes it hard for him. It was the cutest thing.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sweet Anniversary

We had a very sweet day. I took Beau to the vet and then did some shopping. I stopped to give Ray a snack and see him for a bit. Dennis sang to me and wished us a happy day. My mom and dad both gave us the same card. I was laughing as they don't see eye to eye on anything, but I think Janet pick out the card for dad. We went to dinner at the Western and Joe was so nice. He was happy to see us and we in turn we're more then happy to see him and enjoy his restaurant. He had his license suspended so we both had soda. I was just happy to be back in to our place for dinner. The food as always was great. When we got home we just sat and watched NCIS together and cuddled Beau. He was sleeping after his very tiring day.
On to Beau. Well my baby is fine no arthritis and his hips and knees are fine. He has wait for it a broken big toe. Amazing only my dog would have a broken toe. So it cost me $399 to find out they can't do anything and that it has to heal on its own. They gave him some shots and did some other minor things to him, but other then the toe and his tail having a teenage acne condition he's fine. I'm very happy that he is fine, but really $399 I was blown away. I told him when they brought him out he better start taking better care of himself : )
Ray's meeting our nephew at his mom's tonight to do some outside work for her. See I only get one night and then he's gadding about. He cracks me up. He's so tired after work and he still goes and goes. He's like the energizer bunny :)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Beau & Other Things

Well Beau goes in for his xrays tomorrow. I'm not as nervous as I was the last time. Last time it was to see if he had a tumor. This time just to check his back and his hind legs. Hopefully it's just arthritis and he can just be on some meds. Ray's going to drop him off in the morning and I'll pick him up all dopey in the pm. Then its off to dinner for our anniversary. 13 years married 18 years together. It's amazing how the time goes by. It hasn't always been easy we've been through some tough stuff together, but we've come out better for it. There were things I didn't think I'd make it though and Ray was there. His hugs make me feel like nothing can hurt me. I love his smile. I love when he holds my hand. I love to snuggle with him and watch TV. I love his hair thick and soft. I love that he thinks I'm beautiful not matter what I look like. I love his gentle way with Beau. I love that he wants to protect me from everything even though he can't. I love his eyes. I love his commitment to his job. I love when he calls me babe. I love the whole package. 13 years...I can't wait to see what the next 50 bring.

Went to see Michael and Linda this weekend at the camper. I hadn't seen the new one. It's a beauty. Lots of room. Met some of Michael's friends from Lumberland what a crazy bunch of guys. Linda wants us to bring our camper for a weekend, but I don't really like to go anymore. We were spoiled by Mel having all that property and being able to leave the camper and let Beau run loose. I guess when we lived in the trailer I was just happy to go somewhere else now that we have the house I don't want to leave. I love my little house. It's just the right size for us. I have a room for my books, and Ray has the garage downstairs. We have a great backyard and wonderful neighbors. It's a very peaceful area. I don't even mind that all the walls are paneling (well sometimes I mind). We have 3.1 acres to ourselves and it's heaven. I especially love the bow window. The fact that we have a family house is great also. We bought Rays late grandfather house from his father and his siblings. We got a great deal. We had to do a little work to it, but nothing major. It's electric heat, but we were given a wood burning furnace when we moved in so we don't even have to worry about it. We are planning on putting in oil heat, but with the price of oil now we're going to wait. Ray loves the wood fire, we have a swing seat in front of it and he likes to sit there with Beau. I call him my little pyro:)
Haven't started the book club book yet. I'm reading Innocent Traitor right now. A story about Lady Jane Grey who was a great niece of King Henry VIII. It's quick reading so I should be getting to the book club book soon.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Book Club Book

The Time Traveler's Wife. It was a fun night, great food. I thought I'd start the book right away, but I have one out from the library that I'm dying to get into. I finished Missing last night. It was good. Strange ending. I thought for sure she'd want to meet her son.
Nothing big planned for the weekend. Hopefully just some time with my honey. Maybe I'll get him to watch a movie tonight with his eyes open :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thursday Things

It's Thursday so here we go.....

1. I sleep like a teenager ( past noon if I want)
2. The smell of garlic makes me sick (ask Cat she knows)
3. I sing to my dog Beau
4. I have very wide spaces between my toes
5. I love my house

Bone marrow swab is tonight. I'm not sure how long it takes to find out if anyone who comes tonight is a match. Hopefully if it's not me it's someone local. I think anyone who deals with a life threatening illness is amazing. I don't think I would have the strength. I don't handle having a bad cold and that's nothing compared to Missy and her CF. I understand that you do what you have to, but to do it with such grace and dignity is amazing to me. I think I'd spend most of my time wondering why me and having a pity party. I know that Regina and Missy are strong. I pray someone is a match for Regina and I pray for a cure for Missy. Both of these women teach us to appreciate today and to live with love and happiness for how ever long we are here. They are the best type of role models.

Book club meeting at the pantry . So exciting. I have never been part of a book club except at the library and I don't think those books where any fun. I know I'm looking forward to chatting and finding the right book to start us off.

Ray will be home tonight, that figures. Most of the time that how it goes. Oh well I shouldn't be to late. Last night was a surprise to him I usually don't have to work on Wed. but with Penny not feeling well and MP and her kids game I was the only who could cover. So I arrived home right after he did. So we had dinner together which this time of year is rare. We even watched Boston Legal together. Sunday Tracey cut his hair and trimmed his beard close for him. He looks so much younger when he takes the time to have a hair cut. Thanks Tracey. She was worried I wouldn't like how much she took off his beard. I love it when he's beard is close.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Womens Murder Club

Wow what an ending last night. Leads you believe her Dad dies. NCIS was good too. I enjoyed getting to know Mr. Palmer as Ducky calls him better. It was nice to see his character out of the autopsy room.
Lunch with Jilly today :) enough said.
Mom and Richard's anniversary today. 36 years. Just talked to Mom and Richard they sound great. I love that she found Richard after her divorce from Dad. That marriage was not good for either of them. Richard has been the best step-father anyone could ask for. He's made Mom happy and treated her children with love and respect. Never making us feel like we didn't belong. Along with Richard we also gained Ruthann as wonderful role model and friend. Also Jay and Ron who have always been the best "big brothers". Mark and I were very lucky to have such wonderful people take us into their lives and make us feel welcome. We were all very young when Mom and Richard got married and I don't remember life before any of them. They have always been my family if not by blood then by love. I was blessed to grow up with a big sister and 3 big brothers. While not always easy it was still the best way to grow up. I'm sure Mark who is older remembers what it was like when our parents were together, but I don't. So my family has always included Richard and the kids. I also got in the bargain Bev who I didn't really grow to appreciate until I was married and we worked together at the library. She was a special lady and she will be missed. I hope that the kids have fond memories as I do of growing up on the farm. It will always be home. Happy 36th Anniversary Mom and Richard. Many many more.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Random thoughts

Plural marriage = No
Steve the gay guy at Pecks = Funny
Bush = Moron
Tom Cruise = Weird
Spring = Bugs
Winter = Cozy
Books = Obsession
Diet soda = Drug of choice
Sleep = Happiness
Abe Lincoln = Hot:) ( for Sue)

Told you they were random. Strange day.

Monday, May 12, 2008

What's Been Going On

Cat and I watched Golden Compass on Friday night. It was good, but left you hanging. I'm all ready for the next movie. Dinner at Peppino's was scrumptious as always. Thanks Cat.

Saturday night was dinner out with Scott, Kristie, Chelsie, Gina, John and of course my honey. We had a blast. John's a nice guy I'm happy for Gina.

Mothers Day I took Mom to lunch and hung out with her for awhile. We went back over for a London broil dinner and ice cream. It was a nice evening. Ray worked on the garden when we got home. He's all about the fresh veggies this year. I think we'll just be feeding the animals, but if it makes him happy:) He's so funny he gets an idea into his head and he just goes full steam with it. He built a raised bed and brought home manure. He put down plastic to keep the weeds down and now he'll plant. I hope it does well. He put so much time into it.

I finished the House at Riverton and it was amazing. I loved the characters and felt like I knew them. The story had many layers. We see Grace as a young woman in service and then as a woman in a nursing home living her last days. I liked how Grace remembered her past with the family she served and how much she loved Hannah. She saw all of the struggle and the pain. It was a well told story and I read it slowly to savor every detail.

I started Missing last night. It's a Swedish book. So far I'm enjoying it. This will be a much faster read then the last. This one's a murder mystery it involves a woman who has given up her wealth to live on the streets of Stockholm. She wants to live and let live. When the man who bought her dinner is murdered she becomes a suspect. We are following her while she's on the run. She has flashbacks to her years at home with her parents.

I was thinking about Ruthann and the boys yesterday. It must have been hard to spend the first Mothers Day without Bev. Ruthann called while we were eating and Mom said she was doing alright. My heart goes out to them. I don't know what I'll do when I don't have my Mom. I always told her I was prepared to go first. She on the other hand will not hear of it. I would be lost without my Mom. She's always been in my court. She may not have always agreed with my choices, but she always supported me.

Michelle was just in and brought me a pressie for my help with the dust up on Friday. I know that not many people like her, but I think you just have to do what's right. Helping her and Komas on Friday was the right thing. She is always very nice to me and we don't' always agree but right is right.

Beau went down to the dead deer again last night. Ray went and brought him home in the truck. Ray didn't get the lyme figuring that with the rain and all it would be gone by now. I guess we just can't let Beau loose anymore. It breaks Rays heart to see him tied up, but we can't let him get sick again.

Friday, May 9, 2008


I'm glad it's Friday. The week was fine, but I just need a break. Hopefully doing Golden Compass finally with Cat tonight. Have plenty to do when I get home. Laundry, straighten up the house, start cleaning out the clothes I don't wear from the closet. Not fun stuff, but it needs to be done.

Mom called this morning and my Aunt Cindy has breast cancer. Can't tell you how I feel as I'm just numb. She has already talked to Roxan (my cousin who had breast cancer) and was feeling better. She has a lot of cancer history in her family so when she was here she was nervous about the MRI and it's result. I'm thinking about her and giving her all my good vibes to see her through and I know she'll be fine. At 39 she had a mitro value replaced in her heart so I know she's tough. Love you Aunt Cindy.

Have a good weekend all.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Last night I managed to burn the hot dogs. I was so busy watching Trading Spouses on CMT I forgot they were on the grill on high. Thanks to Kristie she had some at her house so Ray didn't starve. I love those shows it's amazing how crazy some of the people look. I enjoy Wife Swap also. I know, what a waste of time, but damn do I laugh. Some times I get mad too.

Took Beau to the vet on Tuesday. He's limping on his left side. I have an appt. to have x-rays done on May 20th. He'll go in at 8:30 and I'll be able to pick him up at around 3. I have the day off as it's our 13th anniversary :) We are going to the Western for dinner. I love the stuffed shrimp there. Back to Beau. Hopefully it's just arthritis and he'll just have to on some pills for it and nothing major like the last time. I don't have an extra $3000 laying around for that. He was running and seemed like his old self last night. Unfortunately Scott found him on the road near the County Barn. Ray had to go get him. He was eating a decaying deer. Yuck, but that's a beagle for ya. They love anything that smells gross. So now he has to be tied up. Ray's going to get some lyme to put down and get rid of it. Beaus smeller is too good, he'll be right back there if given half a chance. He was not a happy dog last night, but we don't need him sick like he was in March from the moldy bagels he found and ate. He had garbage intoxication and it was very scary for me. He didn't even know who I was when he was looking right at me. I don't want that experience again. He was on the bed when I left this morning sleeping. He's so cute.

Still reading House at Riverton. It's a great book, but I've just been busy with other things and I've been watching a bit too much TV. So that will stop as I've taken some great books out from the library (I know Cat I know read my own books). I wish I could upload pictures so you could see how many books are in my personal library. There are tons and I know I should be reading them, but the library always gets great books and I just can't help myself. My name is Jennifer and I'm a bookaholic especially library books. Oh well there are worse things to be.
Joe's going to trial. I guess I knew he would be, but just hoped he wouldn't be. I honestly can't get my head around it. So sad and tragic.

Thursday Things

Well it's Thursday so it's 5 things you might not know about me.

1. I staple my pants hems when they need it. (thanks Sue)
2. I don't have a favorite number. (should I?)
3. My Mom is my hero.
4. I think about my late cousin Tina everyday.
5. I love flip flops.

Anything you didn't know? Hope so.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tires and My Man

Blew a tire last night after leaving work. Called Ray he had my nieces boyfriend who works with him come and put the doughnut tire on. I bent the rim a little, but that wonderful man of mine pounded it out. Mom and I went bought 2 new tires (thanks Cat for your imput). Came home Ray ate and then set about putting the tire on. I was ready for the road by 10:30pm. That man of mine is wonderful. He was tired and still got me ready for the morning drive to work. Love you honey.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Childfree me

I was talking to Aunt Cindy about the family doings and she said one of my cousins who's younger than I am is about to be a father again. This will make 4 kids with 3 women and he has married none of them, fu**inhuh? I don't get it does he not know about birth control. I mean if he thinks she's takin' care of it he is wrong. 4 kids with 3 women. That's just insane to me. I have never wanted kids. I don't have any maternal instinct except for Beau. I don't want to be tied down to a kid for the rest of my life. I feel it's important to know if you want kids or not. I believe too many couples have them because your suppose to. I have never felt the need to have a little me or a little Ray running around. I don't have a lot of patience and I like my time to be my time. So it's the childfree life for us. We decided together that I would have my tubes done. That was a great day (thanks Dr. B.). No more worrying or having to be on the Pill. I have never regretted having the surgery. I have never regretted not being a mom. I'm very happy to be childfree.

Aunt Cindy

I had a great weekend. My Aunt Cindy was visiting. On Saturday we went to lunch with Mom and then Ray and I came back and had dinner. We spent Sunday together as my mom had a luncheon. It was great we went to lunch and chatted about everything. We never run out of things to talk about. Aunt Cindy is my only aunt all the others are my mom's aunts.
I thought I'd have to go to the emergency room last night. I was in so much pain from a lump on the back of my neck near my ear. It was the size of a kidney bean and I couldn't move my head without pain and feeling sick. Thankfully today it seems to have gone down a bit. I hate going to the drs. so I hope it continues to go down.
Beau is going to the vet tomorrow. He's not himself. He will walk a few steps and then stop and sit. I had to take him out last night on his lead. He wouldn't even go down the four steps to the tie out. I have the gate closed so he can't get downstairs to the garage and I gave him an asprin ( Dr. Norris said it was OK) and left the hassock near the bed so he can get down without jumping. Ray had to lift him on to the bed this morning. We are just falling apart. I hope Ray stays healthy.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

April Books

Baby Boon - Elinor Burkett
The Childless Revolution - Madelyn Cain
Where Are You Now? - Mary Higgins Clark
Mistaken Identity
Chocolat - Joanne Harris
Shoot Him If He Runs - Stuart Woods

Not many it was a busy month. Too much tv. All of them were good. Mistaken Identity was a little to churchy for me. I had to skip over most of the religious parts. Loved Chocolat.

Thursday things

Thursday things are going to be things about me. Some of you might know them and maybe not. Here we go...
1. I have a tattoo
2. I've never been out of the country
3. I knew I'd marry Ray the second time I talked to him
4. I've always known I didn't want children
5. My mom gave me away at my wedding (no my dad isn't dead)

Well that's the list for this Thursday maybe you learned something new maybe not.