Friday, March 27, 2009

Melissa and Jada

Lunch with Melissa and Jada was fantastic. Meeting Jada was wonderful. I was a little nervous, but I had no reason to be.... Jada is such a warm and welcoming person. I am so pleased to have been included in her trip to NY. Melissa's hugs may be famous, but Jada's rank right up there. Thanks for spending some of your time with me girls. Have a great time in NYC. And Melissa the next time your drinking wine you could give me a call.....I like wine. :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Things

1. I don't like the smell of wet blacktop.
2. I have only taken on one new television show this season ( Castle)
3. My to be read list is now at about 2,000 books
4. I pray for people I haven't met
5. I can't knit (I tried I just can't)

Now that Joe's trial is over I really wish people would keep their opinions to themselves. I feel badly for both families, however I know Joe and the Joe I knew isn't there anymore. He's a different person and I know in my heart he lives in his own personal hell. Yes I realize I might feel different if it was Lori who I knew well that is not the case. I know how it feels to lose someone and not feel like justice was done. If Lungen was so sure he could have gotten more jail time he shouldn't have taken the plea agreement. I never liked Lungen, never will. I will pray for Joe and his family and for Lori's family. They are all suffering.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Things

1. I don't like corned beef and cabbage
2. I have no head for numbers
3. I don't like Dancing with the Stars (or has beens as I like to call it)
4. I would move to Ireland tomorrow if Ray would go (sadly he will not)
5. I wonder why people have personal and confidential papers faxed to a PUBLIC library

Well let's just say I hate the new Facebook page. It seems that nothing is private anymore. I hold out hope that if enough people complain they will give us back the old version.
I have been reading quite a bit as there is not much on TV. I just finished Susan Hill's The Pure in Heart. It was fab. I love her characters. She has a flare for the dramatic and I love that. I am now reading her new one The Risk of Darkness. So far I'm enjoying it. She had introduced some new characters and I have a feeling there my be a new love interest for Simon.
I have booked the hotel room in April for my nephews Bar Mitzvah. I can't wait to see the Balers. Ray's mom is going to watch Beau for us. Ray isn't too keen on going as he hates to dress up, however since I have taken care of "who will watch Beau" he has no other excuse. I'm sure once we're there he will be fine he always is.
Vinny called and his mother is doing much better. She isn't "out of the woods" yet, but I'm sure she'll be fine, we just have to get her home. She's a tough lady.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Long Time No Blog

Well it's been awhile. I haven't had anything major to blog about and I'm on Crackbook all the time so that limits my blogging time. I've been reading, sleeping and dealing with some woman issues which let me tell you are not making me happy. I was on vacation the first week of March and had a wonderful week. Lunches out, breakfast with my dad it was fun. Other then that not much else is going on. I have a very boring life and sometimes I'm thankful for that as there isn't any drama going on. I'd rather be boring.