Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bird Feeder

Our new bird feeder is a hit. I have started a little bird journal so I can keep track of the different birds that use it. We had 3 Blue Jays the first day. I know they are mean birds, but they sure are pretty. I saw a Tufted Titmouse last night he was really cute. I never really thought of myself as a bird watcher, but it's fun to watch them fight for a spot and see the amazing colors they have. We also have a Red Bellied Woodpecker, he really goes to town on the suet feeder. I have to get some more bird feed they are eating like there's no tomorrow.

Thursday Things

1. I've seen a calf born
2. I've never drank unpasteurized milk
3. I worked on chicken farm
4. I once had an insurance brokers license
5. One of my bosses from a previous job is in jail for hiring a hit man

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


OK here it is I have checked out 3 books from the library. One is a reference book on birds so I can see who's eating at my bird feeder. The other 2 are novels. BUT you have my word I WILL NOT be reading them until May. I will continue to read my own books. I just couldn't take the chance someone else would get them. One is James Patterson's 8th Confession, the other is Death and the Lit Chick by G.M. Malliet. Please don't think too harshly of me. I really am reading only my own books this month. Here ends my confession.


So I've come to the conclusion that the surgery I had in August didn't work as I had hoped. But really come on 2 periods in one month that's just wrong. So I don't think I'm waiting the full 3 months. I will be calling the dr and seeing what we can do. At least this one has minimum pain so far. I couldn't believe it last night. I was stunned. I was hoping it would get better and slow down with time...I guess I'm that 10% that the surgery doesn't work for.
I'm trying to get through The Reader except I don't really care for the characters. Sooo I've been reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. I try to read a little of The Reader everyday, but it's slow going.
Andrew came and took the old TV last night. He was surprised at how large it was. So we don't have to pay to take it to the dump, sorry transfer station as it's now called.
Ray's cold has come back. Poor thing he's all nasal and tired. I told him to take a day off to rest, but they are so busy at the shop there is just no way...and no he doesn't rest when he gets home either, he gets home at 7 and then putters with the garden and I don't know what else in the garage. I got him to come up around 9 last night to watch Deadliest Catch. He says he's about 35 machines behind. Why can't people think ahead and have their mowers serviced say around Jan or Feb. then when the grass starts growing they would be ready, but no they wait until April and then want it the next day. They have a very small crew at the shop they work from 7 to 7 and it's just not possible to make everyone happy , and they have people coming in all day long with chain saws and weed eaters that need to be looked at right away. It's been like this for 16 years for Ray. I feel bad for him. Thankfully the heat has let up today, that makes it more comfortable to work.
Mom's due back from her conference tonight. She's been in Rochester since Monday. She called last night and told me the weather up there was rainy, windy and they were calling for some snow. Lucky Rochester. :)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Sam's Bar Mitzvah

We have a blast this past weekend. Sam did an awesome job. His speech was wonderful. Sam is what my family call an old soul. He didn't want a DJ at the party he asked for a Jazz band. The center pieces which usually are flowers were instead boxes of food and wrapped with a ribbon so that today they can be donated to the local food pantry. He loves the Beatles and wears Led Zeppelin and Doors shirts. He is bright, sensitive and loving. He has an amazing cap of dark unruly hair and the sweetest smile. He is a joy to be around and I miss him already. May he always see the good in people and continue to be a generous person. Ruthann and Michael are the reason he is such a wonderful young man. They are doing an amazing job. Grandma Bevy would be (and is) very proud.


John, my friend, you will be missed, but we will remember you with a smile on our face, tell stories about you with laughter from our lips and you will stay forever in our hearts. Love and miss you man. You will forever be my Pillsbury Dough Boy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday Things

Thank you Melissa for reminding me I hadn't post my TT yet.

1. I have never missed a Presidential vote
2. I have never cut my own hair
3. I don't like Brazil nuts
4. I mix writing and printing all the time
5. I usually write Jennifer so fast I skip the 2nd e (maybe that's way Ray forgets it too)

Picture Of Our New TV

What do ya think? Snazzy huh?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Four Seasons

Finished The Four Seasons. It was very well written and I loved the sisters. Each had their own hopes and dreams. I was very impressed with the history of the Pieta. Definitely will read more by this author. Now I'm on to the Reader by Bernhard Schlink. I was just going to watch the movie and then someone very wise (Sue) told me to read the book first. It looks like a fairly quick read. I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New TV

I finally found the perfect TV in Best Buy. That's after going to Sears in Liberty and Cronks, then to Honesdale to Walmart and Kmart. It was a full weekend of running from place to place and not finding what I wanted. So Jessica and I went to Middletown on Sunday and that's where my beautiful new 37 inch flat panel was found. It's wonderful. It hangs on the wall and the color is amazing. I'm very pleased with it and Ray likes it too. It actually makes my living room look bigger. It's an LG by the way. A big shout out to Scott for helping Ray hang it and help me figure out the remote.

Monday, April 20, 2009


My heart goes out to Jesse and his family. Such a sad and senseless tragedy. May you have peace in knowing your mom is with her King of Kings.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Things

1. I've never skinny dipped
2. I like steak sauce on my steak
3. I can't curl my tongue (Ray off)
4. I can't do that raise one eyebrow thing (how I wish I could)
5. I had braces and still have a slight over bite (what gives)

So not much has been going on since I last posted. I had another TV moment. I was in the kitchen making a bagel and the TV just went to channel 1 on it's own. Spooky. I had to unplug it again and miss part of Lost and anyone who watches Lost knows you can't afford to miss anything. I was not happy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

So you wouldn't believe how many people are calling the library for Tax forms. People, people it's April 15th your taxes are do today, you don't have time to mess around.
Richard's surgery went fine. Mom said his vision is blurry, but that's to be expected as they put lots of drops in his eye. Cataract surgery doesn't sound like a walk through the park. I know that the patient can't feel anything, but still I don't like anything in my eye, hence the fact I wear glasses and not contacts. Just makes me shutter even thinking about it.
Not feeling great today. Sore throat and tired so I called Cat and bailed on seeing Slum dog Millionaire tonight at the local theater. I just want to go home and crash. Hopefully it's just the weather.
Ray and I decided to get a new TV (ok I decided and he agreed). I just can't take the TV we have anymore. Screens pop up when your not touching the remote, it gets stuck on channel 1 and then you have to unplug it to get it to go to channel 3, and for about 3 years now the left side of the screen isn't there....picture watching the weather channel (Ray's fave) and on the bottom when they scroll the temp in other areas of the country like say Atlanta what we see is anta 65 and sunny not Atlanta 65 and sunny. It's just not good. So last night was the last straw. I'm going on Sat. to get a new one. We just have to decide if we want 32 inch (what we have now) or 37 inch. There isn't really a big difference in price so....I'm leaning towards the 37. I also have to get a bracket for it as we want to hang it on the wall. Cool huh?
Didn't get much reading done last night I was watching the season premiere of Deadliest Catch. I love Sig and the boys on the North Western. Cool show.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Monday

Well Easter is over and once again I ate way to much. My mom is an awesome cook. She made noodle kugel my favorite. I brought it for lunch today. I also brought a little of my Easter candy. Yes, Mom still makes us each an Easter basket, well I guess not Mark this year as he stayed home.
Ray and on put up a suet bird feeder yesterday. I haven't seen any birds eating from it yet, but I'm sure it won't take long for them to find it. I didn't get much reading done yesterday as I was visiting with Scott and watching The Deadliest Catch. I love that show. It's so scary. There is no way I would last ten minuets on a boat out on the Bering Sea. Those waves are fierce.
Finished They Did it With Love. I had a fairly good idea as to who the killer was and I was right and wrong. I hate when that happens. It definitely had a surprise ending. I was not shocked really more stunned. I had no idea. Now I'm reading The Four Seasons by Laurel Corona. It's about two orphaned girls who grow up in Venice and how both of their lives turn out. One is Vivaldi's muse and the other marries well and becomes one of the most powerful women in Venice. I'm not far into it yet, but I am enjoying the scenery and all the detail. Right now they are in Ospedale della Pieta, Venice's world famous foundling home and musical academy. Very interesting how the girls are treated and what they must do to earn their keep. I'll let you know how it goes.

Hope everyone had a great Easter and a happy Passover.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter and Happy Passover

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and Happy Passover!!!! Hope you have a great holiday!!!

Changed Blog

How do you like the new layout? I found the website for it on another blog. I like it. I can also change it for the seasons, they have all these cool backgrounds.
I love the new signature too. I just wish my handwriting was that nice. I've never been able to do really nice J's.
Finished The Foreign Affair last night. It was a very strong mystery with lots of detail and strong characters. I loved the main character Liberty Lane. She was strong and only wanted to make sure her father's murderer got what was coming to him.
I'm now reading They Did it With Love. From the title it sounds like a love story, but it's a mystery and it centers around a mystery book club in Greenwich, CT. One of the members of the club is murdered and the rest of the group set out to find out who dunit. It's mostly about how looks and life styles can be deceiving. That money and a mini mansion don't mean you'll be happy. I'm already half way through this book and I'm loving it. The women are strong and kinda bitchy. I'll let you know how it goes.
The article I wrote for the library newsletter is printed and ready for reading by our patrons. I've had some feedback and I'm not sure I will ever be writing anything for the patrons to read again. I'm not saying this person was really mean, but she did mention how sentimental I was and when she read the first paragraph you could just hear the syrup dripping from her throat. The article is basically about how since working at the library I've met some wonderful people who have now become friends. How I'm inspired by the people I work with. It's not a bad article just a bit on the sappy side....but anyone who really knows me knows I'm a sap. I have very strong feelings about the people around me and get attached to people easily, right Melissa? I don't think this is a bad thing I just think it leads me to be hurt more easily when someone I love is in pain or having a tough time. Oh well at least I don't have ice running through my veins.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

I like this color better!!! I love Holly!!!!


Holly rocks she figured out how to get my signature on the bottom of my posts
I love her.


I had a fab lunch with Tracey. We talked, joked and had a great time. It was nice that someone wanted to have lunch with me since my Mom has been unable to make it in about 4 weeks.


I'm hoping I can add this signature to all my posts we'll see how it goes.

Thursday Things

1. I sleep in socks if it's really cold (like last night)
2. I love onion bagels but don't like onions
3. I have recently found a love for historical fiction
4. I have a TBR list of over 20 pages (and growing)
5. I don't like bread with seeds

Saw my Dad last night and he is doing well. He walked for me last was great. He looks fantastic. He's down to only using a cane. Way to go Dad.
Reading my own books is easier then I thought it would be. I have really great books on my shelf. Finished The Secret History of the Pink Carnation. It was great. Lots of strong female characters. I will be reading all of the books in that series.... it was that good.
For anyone who hasn't had their car insurance shopped around lately you should. I hadn't done anything with mine since we put the '06 on...well I saved us $300 a year and I have better limits now. Yay me. It was much harder when I work in insurance to get quotes out to people now it's just a matter of plugging in the numbers and seeing what's what. A big thanks to Penny. We can also save on our homeowners in Dec when it renews as neither of us smoke that's an extra $60 off. Now all I have to do is get us both to take the Defensive Driving and that's another 10% off.
Saw Keith yesterday..he looks a little worse for wear but, still the same old Keith. I'm glad he's home and doing so well. I told him if he's not doing what he's suppose to I will come over there and make him. He's scared of me and told me so last there Mike Dirie take that!!! He was a little hyper and has some memory issues but, that is normal so with time and healing he'll be just fine.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I've had enough. I had surgery in August to stop my bleeding and cramping and guess what all I got out of it was 5 months. Now I'm back to the old story and I've had it. I had to take a day and a half off from work because I couldn't stand up straight. Now I know that surgery wasn't full proof, I knew that I would have some bleeding but damn it all not like this, the pain I've been in is incredible. The only way I can feel a little better is to take 4 motrin or advil every 4 hours and we all know what that's doing to my stomach. Not to mention the throwing up from the pain. That started last month when I got the first one. I have been told by my dr.s office to document my period for 3 months and then we will look for another solution that being of course a partial hysterectomy. I guess for now I just wait and see...rant over.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday Things

1. I use the same water glass for 2 days
2. I can't stand the smell of beer
3. I cried when I watched Zoe's video
4. I went off my meds without going to my dr. first ( cold turkey, I know bad girl)
5. I don't wear my glasses when I read ( I should)

I'm praying for Keith and hoping he has a quick recovery from his accident. I didn't get much reading done last night. I ended up watching more TV then I had planned. I think Grey's is a repeat tonight so I'm clear for the whole evening.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No Library Books Month

So it was pointed out to me that I read more library books then I do of my own collection so...all this month (April) I will only be reading books that I own. What that will do to our library stats I don't know. The main problem is the books we get at the library are so awesome. It's hard not to process them and then take them out. The first book I decided to read is The Secret History of the Pink Carnation by Lauren Willig. I started it last night and I am really liking it. The characters are fun and I love a good historical read. It is a bit Chicklitish for me though. I haven't decided what else I'll be reading this month but, that won't be a problem as I have 2,000 or so books to choose from. Hello my name is Jennifer and I'm a bookaholic.