Tuesday, June 30, 2009

# 29

Grace in Small Things

1. Kayla's grad party
2. The sun shining through the trees after the rain
3. Aunt Mel on Facebook
4. My nephew Russell
5. Kookaburra Raspberry Liquorice

Friday, June 26, 2009

# 28

Grace in Small Things

1. The smell of freshly mowed grass
2. Ray's laugh
3. Ray thinking of a way to make our sliding screen door work for the summer ( the rollers are bad and it's an old unit)
4. The big sigh Beau gave last night when he laid down
5. Reconnecting with an old friend on Facebook
6. Finishing a great book
7. Starting the new Carlos Ruiz Zafon book
8. Ray's gentle breathing last night (usually he's snoring)
9. Wearing sandals to work
10. Remembering Ed McMahon (Johnny and Ed are together again making all of those who have passed before us laugh)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

# 27 and Thursday Things

Grace in Small Things

1. Watching Inkheart with Ray
2. The sound of the trees as the breeze picked up last night
3. The old fashion latches on our bow window (the two top
4. The wonderful breeze from our bow window
5. Ray being home for dinner since it's too wet to hay ( bad for him, good for me)
6. The window fan keeping us cool last night
7. It actually feeling like summer
8. Reading while Ray worked in the garden
9. A simple dinner
10. Not biting my fingernails

A little twist on the Thursday Things....I'm going to list my Favorite things with a theme...so now it's actually Thursday's Favorite Things...here we go theme is ice creams....

1. Pistachio
2. Vanilla
3. Twist
4. Cherry Garcia
5. Cookie Dough

Monday, June 22, 2009

# 26

Grace in Small Things

1. Having fun at Scott's b-party this weekend
2. A rainbow in my front yard
3. My nephew being at my Mom's for the summer
4. Ray watching True Blood with me last night
5. Grape G2
6. Gina making me laugh
7. Starting a new book
8. Ray and Scott falling asleep outside last night
9. The darkness of the sky right before the storm came last night
10. Beau laying his head against Ray's leg while Ray was petting him

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Poor Beau

I got home last night and Beau had been sick 4 times. It was nasty. I had to call Ray and have him come home and help me clean it up. We have no idea what he might have eaten that made him so sick. When Ray got home later that night Beau went out, but not for long. He did eat his dinner and he's been drinking water so I guess whatever it was must have passed through his system. Poor thing with his blood shot eyes and sad face. Ray sat with him for about two hours while we watched TV, just rubbing his belly and talking softly to him....so sweet.

Thursday Things and # 25

1. I don't use the high speed on the windshield wipers.
2. I have a new bracelet for Cystic Fibrosis awareness
3. I don't like my hair right now
4. I miss having my nails done
5. I would love to visit Shakespeare and Company booksellers

Grace in Small Things

1. Ray helping me clean up after Beau was sick even though it makes him sick
2. Looking at the pictures from Jilly's 4th birthday party
3. Receiving an invitation to our great nephews 1st birthday party
4. The care that Ray takes with Beau when he's not feeling well
5. The way the trees look from all the rain we've had. Full, lush, and just bursting with green leafiness

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jilly's 4th Birthday

Some pictures from Jilly's 4th birthday party. She is so darn cute. A big thanks to Jeanne for letting me hijack pictures of her daughter for my blog. Love ya Jeanne.

# 24

Grace in Small Things

1. Shelfari.com
2. Beau snoring this morning
3. An early dinner with Cat last night
4. Kyle got fired ( this one is mean, but so was Kyle)
5. Ray kissing me twice before leaving this morning because I didn't remember the first one earlier.
6. Having enough time to read a few chapters this morning
7. Being called a bi*** by some random guy this morning and laughing it off
8. Ray feeling protective of our friends daughter
9. The loud hum of the air condition here at work
10. A warm day with a nice breeze

Monday, June 15, 2009

# 23

Grace in Small Things

1. Sleeping with the window open
2. True Bloods new season
3. Pancake breakfast at the firehouse on Sunday
4. Jilly's party on Saturday
5. The gusto in Jilly's laugh
6. My new red Adirondack chair (very comfy)
7. Throwing in the towel on a book and not feeling guilty about it
8. Laughing so hard my stomach hurt
9. Not going to the Tractor parade
10. My brother calling and making me laugh on Saturday.

Friday, June 12, 2009

# 22

Grace in Small Things

1. Dinner out with my birthday boy
2. The low clouds this morning
3. The sound of the rain
4. Laughing with April
5. It's Friday

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Things and # 21

1. I don't go to the dentist regularly (hate them)
2. I get chills when I hear John Cale sing Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
3. I wear a different perfume each day
4. I'm married to a man who's 44 ( wow if he's getting older does that mean I am too?)
5. My favorite Christmas song is Go Tell it on the Mountain preferably sung by James Taylor

Grace in Small Things

1. Ray turning 44
2. The gentle way Ray is with Beau
3. All the different colors of green I can see from my bow window
4. Ray fixing the sliding door in our bathroom
5. Finding the soundtrack for McLeod's Daughters on Amazon

Ray doesn't want to do anything special tonight. When I dropped his cake off at work he said he'd like to go to the Callicoon Creamery for dinner and ice cream. That's easy. I wonder if I can get Robin to put a candle in his sundae.
Started watching the first series of McLeods Daughters this week. Oh it's so good to see the original girls. I once again remembered why I loved it in the first place. Sue lent me True Blood and I did 3 episodes last night. Wow that's one strange ass show. I like it, but can't really figure out why. Guess I'll have to read the books now.

Happy Birthday Handsome

Happy 44th Birthday Honey, I hope you have a great day!!!!! I love you!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

# 20

Grace in Small Things

1. Reading all day Saturday
2. Seeing friends at a BBQ on Saturday night
3. Seeing a little black bear walking up our driveway
4. My Mom stopping by
5. Finishing McLeod's Daughters last night (felt like I said goodbye to some good friends)
6. A surprise visit from my cousin Wade
7. Bosco calling me darling (now that he knows I hate it, he's a piece of work)
8. Watching Rowan Atkinson's Invisible drum kit on youtube (LMAO)
9. Andrew finding the roller for our shower door
10. My new flat iron
11. Ray letting me use his flannel shirt to keep warm even after I told him I wouldn't need one (and didn't bring one)
12. My niece stopping to see me
13. Grape G2
14. Slim Jims

We went to Mike and Linda's camper for a BBQ on Sat. night. We had fun. Mike was seriously getting on my nerves, but that's Mike for ya. It was great to see the Hunt family. We had some fun times with them last year.
Spent most of Sat. reading. I finished Just Take My Heart by Mary Higgins Clark and Hot Mahogany by Stuart Woods. I'm almost finished with Loitering With Intent by Woods.
Finished watching the 8th series of McLeod's Daughters last night. I couldn't believe I was crying at the end. It wasn't that it was a sad ending, just that it's the end of the show and I've grown to love those characters. Oh well just have to start from the beginning again.

Friday, June 5, 2009

# 19

Grace in Small Things

1. Reading the night away (was up until 1pm reading the new Mary Higgins Clark book)
2. Straightening up the den/library. Where did all those books come from? :P
3. Cereal for dinner
4. Not watching any TV last night
5. A nice long chat with Ray when he got home

Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's Official

Ray starts haying tonight. So I'm officially a hay widow :(

Thursday Things and # 18

Thursday Things
1. I don't like to garden
2. I don't have plants in my house
3. I have a black thumb when it comes to plants
4. I would love to live in an A Frame with huge windows with an amazing view
5. I can't dive (and no I don't want to learn)

Grace in Small Things

1. Watching McLeod's Daughters under the afghan my Mom made me
2. Ray getting me a glass of water because I was too cold to get out from under the blanket
3. Rain to water the garden
4. Using our grill
5. Seeing Cat and Bella

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

# 17

Grace in Small Things
1. Connecting with my cousin Peggy on Facebook
2. Another day with no rain
3. Hostess cupcakes
4. Hot dogs with chili
5. Going to bed early (10:30) early for me that is

Have been watching the 8th and final series of McLeod's Daughters...OMG why all the people dying. I have gotten so attached to these characters it's like someone close to me is gone. Poor Ray he came home last night and I was in tears. He said are you crying over fake people again? I just nodded.
Gave up on listening to Abundance it was just to slow moving and I didn't really care for the reader. So I decided to listen to The Lady Elizabeth by Alison Weir. I'm loving it. I watch the Tudors on Showtime and that just ended for the season so now I can still have my fix of Henry, Mary and Elizabeth.
I'm reading The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. I was very reluctant to read it when it was so popular...I generally don't like the books that get so much hype, but after reading Angels and Demons I just couldn't resist. So far it's a great ride.
Ray's getting hay equipment ready so soon I will be a hay widow. This means eating dinner alone, and not seeing Ray until about 9 or 10 at night. BUMMER. You'd think I'd be used to it by now as he's been haying for 10 years, but when it rolls around I get cranky. I know who knew me cranky. Oh well someday he'll give it up and I'll be wondering where all my reading time went.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Gilmore Girls

This is what I'll be watching this spring and summer from season one all the way to end. I love me some GG.

# 16

Grace in Small Things

1. Ray covering the grill for me
2. Planting my flowers on Sunday
3. Having dinner at the Creamery then going back later for ice cream
4. Visiting with my brother in law and his wife on Sat.
5. Gearing up for the final series of McLeod's Daughters
6. Beau snuggling with me on Friday night while I read
7. Sleeping in and no phone calls to wake me
8. The sound of the leaves in the wind this weekend
9. Going to the store for 3 items and actually buying only those 3 items
10.Chatting with Pastor Peg
11. The warmth of Ray's hug in the cooling night
12. Knowing I am well and truly loved

My Sister on TV


Hopefully this will work. This is my sister Ruthann on a local TV station to promote Strike a Chord.