Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Check out this link

Emily has Cystic Fibrosis and is making her way to California from Chicago on a Vespa which is no easy task as CFers have an excess of mucus production, frequent chest infections, coughing and shortness of breath and that's just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Emily is raising money for research for a cure for CF. She hopes that at the end of her journey she is able to be on the Ellen Show to talk about her disease and the need for a cure. So show your support and post this link on your blog. Go Emily, Go.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Highlight to the weekend

I did have one highlight to the weekend and that was my soon to be niece-in-law's bachelorette dinner. Ray gave me money and told me to have a good time and to have some wine to calm down with, well heck you don't have to tell me twice. So off to my sister-in-law's house since my niece drove us to Friends. We had a blast. Good food and even better company. So the weekend did have a highlight other then our beautiful slider going in, oh and my Mom stopped by with 4 bottles of Sierra Mist Free Cranberry Splash and some chicken wings. So it wasn't all bad.

Owning a home...who knew

Well I have to say this weekend was not what I'd planned. I thought I'd do laundry, some shopping and then on Sunday the slider would go in, sounds good right? Well Thursday night I went to switch the laundry to the dryer and there was water all over the floor, coming from the pipe behind the washer. I woke Ray up and he said yup we have a leak and went back to bed. Friday he snaked the line and it's wasn't this means the septic must need to be pumped out. Saturday he still thinks the line might be plugged so I go to Honesdale with Kristie and he continues to see if he can figure out the problem. Saturday afternoon they bring the door home from the shop that's going in on Sunday at 2. They off load it from Mike's truck and I see it for the first time since Home Depot dropped it off and guess's the wrong door. It doesn't open on the side we ordered. So I have Ray get the paper work from the shop and I call Home Depot. They have the right door there so the boys go on Sunday morning to drop off the door that isn't right and get the one that is. Then Ray rigs a hose so I can at least do some laundry and then goes and gets the Terramite from our nephew to dig up the septic, one look at that when it's open and you know we need to get it pumped out. So now we are waiting for Hopper and Little Russell to come and help put the slider in, they came about 3:30 and the door was in without any problems by 7:30. Hopefully we can get the septic pumped out today or tomorrow and I can get back to do laundry the normal way. I thank God that Ray is able to figure these things out and that we have such great family and friends who help us and make things easier to fix. So who said it would be easy to be a homeowner....certainly no one who owns a house.

# 48

Grace in Small Things

1. Ray being handy
2. Ray saying our septic problem isn't my fault
3. Hopper, Little Russell and Ray
4. Our new slider
5. Ray making it possible for me to do laundry while we figure out our septic

Thursday, September 24, 2009

# 47 and Thursday Things

Grace in Small Things

1. September 24th 1989 I met the man I would marry ( Happy 20 years together honey)
2. Playing tennis on Wii ( great little workout)
3. Raisin bread
4. Our new toilet
5. Having love in my life

Thursday Things

1. I cry every time I watch Extreme Home Makeover
2. Ray's the only man who ever told me I was beautiful (out of the men I've dated)
3. I love to watch Beau sleep
4. I can't believe I'm going to be 42 ( I'm not complaining Melissa, just can't believe it as I don't feel more than 30 at best.)
5. I laughed so hard today that my stomach hurts (3 times)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

# 46

Grace in Small Things

1. The squirrel yesterday that ran across the road with a huge nut in his mouth
2. People waving to me that I don't know
3. Mindy saying ginormous at my soon to be niece's bridal shower (cracked me up)
4. Dinner out Friday night with my honey
5. Shrimp and clams
6. My friend's Cat and Brock
7. Jeannette
8. Hugs
9. New tires for winter
10. Mom getting home safe from her visit

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Reading or Not Reading

I can't seem to settle on a book as of late. I've tried several and have ended up sending them back to their libraries. I guess maybe it's time to start reading mysteries again. I think that's the problem I've been reading mostly fluff and now that it's cooler and I can concentrate again I can go back to my mysteries. So I ordered a few from other libraries and am hoping that will get me out of my reading slump. Thankfully I've got a wonderful series on DVD that's been keeping me busy....The Last Detective. It's a great British (of course) crime drama with a bit of comedy thrown in. Even Ray's been watching them. Haying is over and he's actually home for dinner and some time with me now. It's nice to have him home again. I miss him terribly when he's haying. We had a busy holiday weekend. Lots of family and friends to see. I was at Mom's on Sunday and Monday as we had family camping for the long weekend and dinner at Kristie's on Monday. It was a great weekend. Full of laughter, fun, food and game playing. Hope your Labor day holiday was great too.

# 45 and Thursday Things

Grace in Small Things

1. Making blueberry muffins
2. The Last Detective
3. All the kids I know having a great first day of school
4. Cool nights sleeping with the window open
5. Brownies

Thursday Things

1. I like fireballs
2. I like cottage cheese with salt and pepper
3. I've never golfed ( and no I don't want too)
4. I've bowled once and almost knocked my front teeth out (don't ask, I was a kid and being silly)
5. I have never participated in a Poker Run (and no I don't want too)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

# 44

Grace in Small Things

1. Melissa and Jazmine are home
2. 3 new books of fluff to read as the weather gets cooler
3. Ray always
4. Agreeing to disagree
5. Reading with my afghan around my shoulders and Beau on my lap, Bliss

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Cool September Nights

I love this time of year. I was watching The Last Detective last night with an afghan wrapped around my shoulders. Pure bliss. Used the oven to make dinner and there was such a cozy feeling in the house. I love the time before we start using the wood stove. I get to use all my lovely afghans that were lovingly made for me by my Mom. There's something about being wrapped in one of those afghans that makes me feel like Mom is right there giving me a hug instead of 5 miles down the road at her own house. Pure Bliss.