Friday, May 29, 2009

# 15

Grace in Small Things

1. The fog coming off the trees this morning
2. Beau still smelling sweet from his bath
3. Ray fixing my welcome bear
4. Having great friends
5. Chatting with Cat for a good long while last night (twice)

Ray fixed my welcome bear last night. The stand had rotted. We bought it when we were on vacation in Theresa, New York. That was like 4 or 5 years ago. We stayed at my uncle's camper on the river. It was great. Just us and the dog. Funny when I was talking to Beau's vet on Wed. I mentioned that we had gone to a Borders in Watertown and Moria said she used to live very close to there for 7 years....she had been to Theresa and had shopped at the same local used book store there. Small world.
No plans for this weekend. Think I might call Mrs. Mo and see if we can't get together. Haven't seen her in yonks...I still have Ayden's Christmas presents for the past 2 years. I know I suck. It's not even that we live that far away....just to busy with our lives.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Things

1. Ray has never taken a picture of me
2. I drove through the Hawks Nest on Saturday for the first time (and last)
3. I think I have arthritis in my back
4. I have only been in the ocean once
5. I want to live by the sea


Grace in Small Things

1. The fire still burning last night when I got home from work
2. Bathing Beau (we enjoyed he did not)
3. Meatloaf made by my Mom for dinner
4. The crazy way Beau was running around after his bath
5. The leaves on the trees making it very hard to see my house from the road (oh the privacy)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The wedding was beautiful. Kristen and Scott looked wonderful. Kristen was a very lovely bride. The food was great and I got to catch up with Mr. Hiller and his wife. I loved that the couple entered the room to Highway to Hell. Ray said why didn't we walk in to Running with the Devil. I just shook my head. The drive down wasn't too bad. I didn't enjoy driving through the Hawks Nest. If you've never done it it's quite an experience. We did manage to get lost just a little bit, my fault as I kept saying we needed to take I-84. Oh well we only went about 10 minutes out of our way.
The rest of the weekend was quiet. Sunday I did absolutely nothing. Monday went shopping with Mom and Brenda. Hung out at the pond for a while and then went out to eat with some friends. I even got to see some people I haven't seen in yonks. Still love that word.
Have been watching the 7th series of McLeod's Daughters. OMG love it!!!. I missed all those Aussie hunks. For those of you who don't know. MD is an Australian drama, setting is Drover's Run an outback cattle station run by all women hence the title. Of course there is the drama of running the station and the lives of the women. When it first started it was Tess and Claire McLeod Jack's daughters who had been separated for 20 years. Now in 7 series it's Regan who's Hugh McLeod's daughter( Jack's brother ) and Stevie Hall who is not a McLeod, but who proved herself worthy of running the station. We are down to one original cast member. Alex Ryan. He's a cutie. I love this show. It has strong women, drama, comedy and beautiful scenery. Thanks to Penny I get to see it all. Ray even likes it....sometimes. Can't wait to see what the final series brings.

# 13

Grace in Small Things
1. Driving through the Hawk's Nest
2. Dancing with Ray at the wedding
3. Watching a beautiful couple get married
4. The view from our front bow window
5. Watching McLeod's Daughters
6. Ray making a fire to keep me warm last night
7. Seeing a Scarlet Tanager
8. Spending time with family
9. Ray holding me while I cried
10.Knowing I'm right where I belong
11.Lunch with Jilly and Jeanne
12.The winding road I travel to get to work
13. How the fog made everything look gauzy this morning
14.Doing absolutely nothing on Sunday
15.Egg salad

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cause It's Been Awhile and I Can!

She's just so cute !!!!!!!!!

# 12

Grace in Small Things

1. Beau feeling well enough to dig in the woods for hours
2. Having enough: love, happiness, hope, faith......
3. Reading instead of watching TV
4. Tracey making time to color and cut my hair so I look pretty for the wedding this weekend
5. Penelope for being fabulous

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Things

1. I love the smell from dryer vents
2. Public bathrooms wig me out
3. I love lobster and clams
4. I've eaten bear jerky (sorry Nora)
5. I've eaten shark

# 11 Grace in Small Things

1. Dinner with my husband last night
2. The feel of my car hugging the corners
3. The ease with which my husband handles changed plans
4. The beautiful Delaware River this morning on my way to work
5. The bright sun making my eyes water this morning

We had dinner at the White Owl Steakhouse last night. It's not the most picturesque place, but damn the food is good. Clams, lobster, and prime rib, what could be better. Dad and Janet met us there. It was a really nice night.
Dad gave me a bird book last night. I have one that Sue gave me, but it doesn't have all the birds from our area in it. It's nice to see the color pictures and be able to identify all the birds that are eating in our yard.
The garden made it though that cold snap we had. Ray said it didn't have any frost at all. We must have been lucky. I thought maybe he had covered it, but he didn't. Lucky.
Scott's (Janet's son) wedding this weekend. We have to travel a bit, but it's all nice road, the only part I'm nervous about is the Hawk's Nest. Oh well there's a first time for everything I guess. I can't wait to see Lisa and her little belly. Haven't seen her in yonks. I love that word..don't you?
Can't remember when the baby's due. I think maybe August.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

14 years

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband!!! I can't believe it's been 14 years. I love you and can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. You are truly my Ray of sunshine.

#10 Grace in Small Things
1. The sun setting last night on my drive home
2. Helping Alec with a report
3. The beautiful green hills on my drive to work this morning
4. 14 years married to the most wonderful man in the world
5. Dad calling this morning

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ray made a fire last night even though he said he wouldn't. Thank goodness he did, cause baby it was cold. No frost on the garden though. We lucked out. And so did I with that great husband of maker, snake killer, bird food filler upper and so much more. Love ya, honey.

# 9

Grace in Small Things

1. Reading before work
2. Ray staring a fire even though he said he wouldn't the night before
3. Lucy's message on her answering machine
4. The sound of the lawn mower
5. A sunny breezy day

Monday, May 18, 2009

# 8

1. A message from Terri on Face book
2. Hanging out the boys on Sunday
3. Watching Wallander on PBS
4. Cleaning out the cabinet under the sink in our bathroom
5. Eggs for dinner
6. Ray's health report coming back good
7. Sat. night dinner with Ray and Scott
8. Cherry dip on ice cream
9. Getting caught up on all the laundry
10. Planning a new window in the kitchen
11. Being here right now and happy
12. Reading, reading and reading some more
13. Having the best husband in the world
14. Not wanting for anything
16. Melissa leaving me comments that make me laugh
17. Ray saving me from the snake

Friday, May 15, 2009

Scary Moment

I had a scary moment just now. I went to touch my cross and it wasn't there. I know I put it on this morning. So instead of the usually panic setting in...I called the bank (no it's not there), then I went to the post office (no it's not there), I had already checked the library and my car (no it's not there), then I go home. Yes it's there. On the floor in the den. Thank goodness. Ray gave me my Shrouded Cross 18 years ago and I would have been devastated had I lost it. I'm sure he would have replaced it, but it wouldn't be the same.

# 7 GiST

1. Having money to pay bills
2. An adult grandson who takes his grandfather for a ride to break up the lonely night
3. Starting a new book
4. A sunny, warm day after a rainy night
5. Pizza for dinner

Grey's was back on it's game last night. Spoilers coming so don't read on if you haven't seen it yet. I should have guessed when we didn't see George for the whole show that he was the man hit by the bus. OMG my eyes started to well up and I just couldn't believe they would do that to him. And Izzy getting her memory back and then just going limp. I love when the Chief said the hell with the DNR. When you see Izzy in the elevator and she opens the door and George is standing there it definitely leads you to believe they both die. I know they said they weren't going to kill off Izzy, but they didn't say anything about George. I always felt George got the short end of the stick. Nothing ever works out for him. If they kill him off at least he goes our a hero.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday Things

1. I don't like Ferris wheels
2. I do love a spinning Teacup ride
3. I love the smell of lilacs
4. I can still remember the phone number from our house in Jeffersonville
5. I have the original back door key to my Mom's house on my key ring (even though the door is gone)

The smell of our lilacs last night in the breeze was amazing. I even had Ray cut some for the house. We have 2 bushes, one in the front and one in the back. The one in the back we can enjoy as it's close to the house. The other is a bit on the small side. I think it's being chocked out by the small pine tree that grows so close. We've never trimmed them. I'm not sure if we should.

# 6 GiST
1. The smell of our lilacs in the breeze
2. Steak for dinner, cooked just the way we both like it
3. Seeing Mr. Sipple
4. The rain falling for our garden
5. One of our patrons being thrilled with her new keyring library card

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Back to Work Finally

Well what started on Tuesday night and is still going on is indeed a sinus infection. Oh the lovely yellow crap that is flowing. I stayed home from work the past 2 days. Watched TV and slept. I did venture out on Sunday to Robin and Mel's for a Mother's Day BBQ. It was nice and I didn't have to cook dinner (that's always a plus). It was great to see everyone and just hang out, but by the time I got home my head was so stuffed I couldn't think straight. So Monday and Tuesday I just hung out with Beau and started some meds from the last time I had a sinus infection. Feeling better, but not 100% yet. Soon I hope.

I'm taking all of the GiST from the weekend and Monday and Tuesday.

#5 GiST
1. Ray getting me dinner on Sat.
2. Mom making her meatloaf for me so I didn't have to cook last night
3. The trees in all their leafy glory (so much has changed since Sunday)
4. OJ (juice, not the man)
5. Feeling better after days of feeling ill
6. Mother's day with family
7. A carnation for Mother's day
8. The garden getting planted
9. The fence around the garden taking shape
10. Sitting on the front porch
11. The breeze in the bedroom yesterday
12. Showers in the afternoon
13. Washing my hair, but not having to style it
14. My new mug from Mom
15. Spending time with Chelsie on Friday
16. Beau feeling loads better
17. Sleeping almost through the night
18. Clean sheets
19. Driving to work
20. Being at work

That's a lot. I know I'm forgetting something, just can't remember what.

Friday, May 8, 2009

#4 GiST

1. It's Friday
2. The sun finally being out
3. Feeding the birds this morning
4. Buying a rose bush for Kristie
5. Friday being my 5 hour day

I can't seem to get my signature to appear on the bottom of this post so it will just have to stay at the top. Beau's better. He really, really wants to run, but alas he can not. Soon. I'm sure by next week he'll be ready.
My nephew Sam got a letter from Kirk Douglas. Sam invited him to his Bar Mitzvah and Mr. Douglas was nice enough to send a letter telling Sam about his Bar Mitzvah (he had 2 I gather). Sam was really excited. Kirk Douglas is one of Sam's favorite actors. It's cool that Mr. Douglas took the time to dictate the letter and sign it himself.
My cold seems to be allergies which is strange since I've never had them before. I'm leaning towards allergies because my snot is clear. Sorry no delicate way to put it and it is my blog. I'll try so allergy meds and see if they help. My throat is so sore I could scream, but then it would hurt worse.
Happy Mother's Day to all of you and I hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Things

1. I sing happy birthday to my friends on the phone (Happy Birthday Kristie)
2. I have 5 rings with sapphires and diamonds in them
3. I have never cooked for more than 6 people
4. I love British whodunit films
5. The first dirty book I read was The Boys in the Mail Room (I think I was 13, I lent it to a friend and never got it back)

Finished listening to Anybody Out There by Marian Keyes. It was very sad, Anna's husband dies in a car accident and she spends most of the book trying to contact him. It's a book of loss, but also the start of healing a broken heart. I almost peed my pants at the end when I heard the baby's name and no I'm not telling, you have to read or listen to it yourself. I'm now listening to Abundance by Sena Jeter Naslund. Just started it so don't know what I think yet. It's a novel about Marie Antoinette.
Beau is feeling really good. He was at the bedroom door this morning about 5 so Ray let him in and put him on the bed, he slept with us for about an hour and then when Ray got up he helped him off the bed. See Moria no jumping. He really hates being leashed and wants to run so badly, we just can't let him yet. He's even taking all his meds like a trooper. I don't have to bribe him at all, just put them in with his food. He' such a good boy.

#3 Grace in Small Things
1. Seeing a Purple Finch at our bird feeder
2. Putting money in the bank to pay Beaus vet bill
3. Hearing an older gentleman whistling while walking up the street
4. The taste of Fresca
5. Knowing Beau feels better

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I think I have one. Sore throat, stuffy nose and just plain feeling yucky. Must be Ray's fault. Beau's much better. Ray said when he walked him last night Beau was pulling him and didn't do the duck walk once. He didn't even try to get in the bedroom last night. I think he's still in enough pain that he just doesn't want to try getting up on our bed as it's high.
Finished 8th Confession last night. This was not my favorite of Patterson's. This one I had figured out very early on. I think he needs to write alone and not have an added author. Haven't finished Angels and Demons yet. I love it though, it's a great book.

#2 Grace in Small Things
1. Having a cold, but not a cough (yet).
2. Ray being willing to get blood drawn for the mortgage insurance.
3. Sue leaving me a book bird

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Grace in Small Things

I have been reading this website
for about a week now and have decided that I will add 3 GIST to each post. GIST asks that we find 5. I want to start out small and see how it goes.

#1 Grace in Small Things
1. Cat's smile when I gave her a cupcake cookbook.
2. Beau's tail wagging for me this morning.
3. Laughing with a patron on the phone when I got the library I was calling from wrong.


This made me smile this morning. When I went out in the living room to check on Beau, Ray had put his flannel shirt down on the couch for Beau to lay on. It was so sweet. Anytime there are clothes on the bed or any piece of Ray's clothing laying around Beau will curl up on it. It's like his own little cozy spot. Ray always says he's not sensitive but, I beg to differ. He is very sensitive to Beau's needs, oh yeah and mine too. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009


Friday's vet visit went ok. Dr. Norris wants to remove the fatty cysts and then take the one on his leg off. She's not sure if it's fatty or not, it's too small to be sure. She gave me pain meds for him and we will be (hopefully) doing the cyst removal in about 10 days. That was Friday. Last night Beau was doing his duck walk, sitting and staring. We were up with him for about 2 hours. Then this morning after my shower I looked in on him and his head was shaking. So I called the Vet's office and was told to bring him in. He is there now. Moria is doing x-rays and I don't know what else. Hopefully I will be able to pick him up after work.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Vet Visit

Have to take Beau to the vet for his annual check up, but I found a lump that is not like his others (fatty). I'm praying it's nothing. I wasn't going to tell Ray, but I figured if it is something serious I don't want it to take him by surprise. I know he's only a dog, but please pray for him. He's our baby.